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VMMP performs maintenance of concentrate drying equipment
VMMP performs maintenance of concentrate drying equipment


The processing production of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, is the place where the main process of transformation of ore produced at the plant’s open pit mines into finished commercial products takes place. This process is very complex, contains several stages of enrichment and separation of concentrates. One of the parts of the process is drying of bulk concentrate. For this process, the plant uses drum dryers with 2.2 m and 1.6 m diameter.
To ensure continuous production at the required levels of output, drying of bulk concentrate is performed by two ovens. Usually, drum dryers No. 1 and No. 8 are used, but there is always a need to have a substitute unit available. There have been cases, when the drum’s drive breaks or rollers needed to be replaced or maintenance of one of the main ovens needs to be performed. In order not to stop the technological process and reduce capacities of the recovery site, the drum dryer No. 7 is used, which acts as a substitute.
Two weeks ago, the repair of drum dryer No. 8 was completed at the processing production of the plant. According to Chief Mechanic of the Processing Production Unit Volodymyr Hrynko, the main repairs were performed in the power unit – replacement of drip collector and 1000 mm air outlet port. At the same time, the repair crew performed maintenance of the inside of the oven, replacement of supporting and carrying rollers, maintenance of the drives of drum dryer No. 8 and replacement of worn metal structures of the runners of drum blades. All required maintenance and repair were performed and the oven was put back into operation.
“The repair and maintenance of the drum dryer No. 7 has started January 21. The main reason for repair is the necessity to replace the oven’s cone. Also thorough inspection of the inside of the oven, drum dryer’s drive will be performed as well as replacement of supporting and carrying rollers, inspection of the burner,” says the chief mechanic. The repair is scheduled to be completed by March 7, but the specialists of the unit say it is possible that some unforeseen work will have to be performed on the furnace of the drum dryer after disassembly of the cone, which could extend the term of the repair.
Volodymyr Hrynko says that the drum dryer No. 7 underwent major overhaul about seven years ago, which means that the inside part of the cone is highly worn and requires renovation. He said that the substitute cone is already available, as it was produced in advance by the Mechanical Repair Unit.
The repairs are being performed in two shifts by the crews of RMU led by Kostyantyn Ternov and Volodymyr Sivko. The mechanics of the electric cranes of the mechanized service of the recovery site are also assisting in the work. The employees of the RMU are involved in the repair of the supporting and carrying rollers and the gear unit.
“Taking into account the fact that the drum dryer No. 7 is down for a long repair, the schedule for repair of the vacuum filter, screws, elevators, transporters involved in the chain of this oven was created,” added the chief mechanic.
After the work on the drum dryer No. 7 is finished and it is put back into operation, a major and long-term overhaul of the drum dryer No. 2 is planned. It will include replacement of drum barrels, crowns, curtain gears, bandages, rollers, reconstruction of the drive, transferring of the foundation of the drive. At this moment, thorough preparation for the overhaul is underway, which include consideration of the purchase of the materials for RMU, schedule for production of the drum. The department of chief mechanic is also involved in the purchase of spare parts.
Kateryna Drozd