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New athletes – new medals!
New athletes – new medals!


The team of Vilnohirsk kickboxers added new athletes, who, as the competitions showed, won medals right away. 17 medals – that is how the new season began.
WCFF Dnipro Cup took place on January 27. The categories, in which the athletes competed, included Zabava, Bornya 1, Bornya 2, Bornya 3, Fight, Herts 1, Herts 2, Herts 3, DTK and FTK. Vilnohirsk athletes from the Military Patriotic Club Aidar were invited to compete in the tournament.
The club’s trainer Mykola Biletskiy gladly agreed to participate. “This is not just a Cup, it is also an opportunity for my athletes to gain experience. This time, the team had not only well-known fighters, but new ones. It was a debut for them. Despite this, all of them performed well. I am very happy with the result of each of them,” he said.
Our team won the total of 17 medals, including 10 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze. Bohdan Hofman, Yaroslava Zhuravel, Nazar Yevtushenko, Zakhar Starov, Anton Mykhailenko (2), Denys Tolkachev (2) and Danylo Lytvynenko won gold medals, Tymur Fedorychko, Artem Huba, Zakhar Starov and Veronika Korob won silver and Mykyla Zhadko, Vladyslav Kolosenko and Iryna Plokha – bronze.
Parents often come to the competitions with the youngest athletes. Their hearts are filled with worry and excitement and they are the truest fans of their little champions. “I am worried for Artem all the time,” tells Iryna Fedorychko, mother of the youngest fighter on the team. “I cannot even describe, what I’m feeling at that moment.”
Iryna Plokha, Veronika Korob and Yaroslava Zhuravel competed in an event of this level for the first time, but there were no other opponents and the girls competed between each other. “I was so scared,” says Yaroslava, smiling. “I though it would hurt. But no, it all went well. I went out there and won.” Not only the girls had to fight each other for the victory. Our experienced fighters Nazar Yevtushenko and Zakhar Starov beat all opponents in Bornya 1 and fought each other for the first place.
The WCFF Champion and Head of NGO Cossack Fight Federation of Dnipro Yana Firsova, who is the organizer of this event, gave high praise to the results of our kickboxers. “Vilnohirsk fighters put up a good fight against our athletes. There is a great future for them in the world of sport,” she said.
VMMP, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, has been providing financial support to our athletes for a long time and this trip was no exception. The trainer and the fighters of the club are grateful to the plant for the opportunity to compete in Dnipro Cup. Some of the club’s members are children of the employees of the plant, which is why their victories are our common pride.
Cossack fight, as a type of military and patriotic upbringing of youth, is gaining the status of an official sport. It is possible that it will soon be included in the academic program. The Ministry of Education is working in this direction.
Alla Didenko