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IMPP upgrades electricity supplying equipment
IMPP upgrades electricity supplying equipment


Energy workers of the Irshansk subsidiary of JSC UMCC are upgrading equipment at the first central power distribution unit (CPDU-1). This will provide reliable electricity supply to the production facilities of the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant.
CPDU-1 supplies power to the processing factory No. 1, main and auxiliary workshops and also administrative premises of the plant. The electric equipment at the CPDU-1 has been in use since 1959, tells Vyacheslav Herter, Chief of the Energy Unit of the plant. Since then, it hasn’t been upgraded, which is why it is outdated and physically worn. Reception, distribution and auxiliary cells with capacity of 6kW required reconstruction or complete replacement.
“According to the developed project for reconstruction of the electric power substation, partial, by-stage re-equipment of elements and electric circuits of the cells of 6kW at the CPDU-1 was performed. Relay protection of cells, emergency alarm system, electricity accounting, indicators of electrical values and oil switches 6kW on vacuum were replaced,” says Herter.
The repairs at the CPDU-1 were performed in two stages. First, 5 cells of 6kW were upgraded and then another nine cells. The skillful employees of the energy unit of the subsidiary disassembled electrical equipment at the substation of the exhausted open-pit mine No. 5 and installed it at the CPDU-1 in the process of reconstruction. This helped increase the value of fixed assets of IMPP subsidiary by UAH 86,325. The company spent around UAH 90,000 for purchasing new materials.
Now, the first substation of the plant has proper conditions for its reliable operation, tells Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP. Reliability of protection of the electrical equipment of 6kW cells has increased, according to him. “Also, the costs for the use and servicing of the electrical equipment will be reduced,” sums up the director of the subsidiary.
The tasks the energy unit of the plant were give in regards to upgrading CPDU-1 were successfully completed by electricians Mykhailo Movchanyuk, Volodymyr Fedorchuk, Oleksiy Khylya under the guidance of the chief of the networks and substations unit Yuriy Selyukov. The work on modernization and reconstruction of the energy equipment at Irshansk MPP continue.
The history of CPDU-1 began from the time the plant was established. After the arrival of the energy train No. 37 to the Turchynka railway station in the end of 1954, the situation with the energy supply in Irshansk changed substantially. In 1956, 68 supports were installed to the industrial area of the future Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant (11th kilometer from where the village of Nova Borova is now situated) and the first power line was built.
Then began the construction of the central power distribution unit. It had to ensure receipt, distribution and transmission of electric energy to the industrial buildings of the plant. The CPDU-1 was commissioned in 1958. “Initially, it supplied electric energy to the administrative building, experimental factory and drags. With the construction of new production facilities and the development of new fields of ilmenite, expansion of the nomenclature of electrical equipment substation was carried out,” tells Vasyl Haldinov, Chief Energy Specialist at IMPP.
Oleksandr Holyachenko