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Perlynka’s triumph at the capital
Perlynka’s triumph at the capital


Perlynka Exemplary Dance Group of the Metalurh Culture and Sport Palace won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Ukrainian Dancing Championship that took place in Kyiv on February 10.
Perlynka began the year 2019 with participation in the Art Dance 2019 Ukrainian Championship that took place in Kyiv. Dancers from many cities from all across the country participated in the festival. The dance groups competed in different age categories starting from 4 years of age and our Perlynka competed for victory in the Junior-2 category.
The participants were judged by the star jury, which included such celebrities as Ilona Gvozdyova, winner of Dancing with the Stars 2018 show, Maksym Yezhov, Ukrainian choreographer and Myroslav Vantukh, General Director, Creative Manager of the P.Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble.
Of course, this is not the first time our little stars rise to the top at the dance tournaments, beating their competitors in a dance?! Perlynak participated in many local, regional, all-Ukrainian and international festivals and has won many awards, but this Championship is not just a festival or a contest; it gathers the strongest and the best groups from all oblasts of Ukraine and our dancers had to work hard to win these awards.
Let us tell you a little about the competition. The morning of the winners began actively: early arrival to the capital, transfer to the festival’s venue. The future winners felt their luck even then. The most important part of the preparation was the rehearsal. Every member of the group felt the great responsibility and a part of a big, well-oiled mechanism that achieves common goal. So the rehearsal is the time to tune in to the team and aim at the common result, feel the music and support each other before another important step towards the victory.
The picture is an important component of success. Our dances look very stylish and incredible thanks to the well-selected costumes made taking into account the latest trends and convenience, because free hands is one of the key components of a successful dance.
Long waiting of the result makes Perlynka nervous, because Art Dance 2019 is the battle of the best, but the confident head of the group Halyna Karpenko always calms everybody down and inspires.
Another moment and the results are announced, followed by shock, tears of joy, laughter through tears. One after another, the prizes go to Vilnohirsk – Perlynka won them. It is hard to tell how much was invested into this victor, but we are confident that this is not the last triumph of the dance group.
Overall, Perlynka added to Vilnohirsk’s medal count six awards: two gold, two silver and two bronze medals.
Anna Savchenko