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Keeping up good traditions


It’s been already 70 years since May 1945, but we still remember price paid by our grandfathers and great grandfathers for that Victory. From year to year the amount of alive veterans of World War II – true eyewitnesses of that the most terrible and death- dealing war, becomes less and less. VMMP provides charity support to the veterans of War over the years. Which support is provided this year we found out from the chief of welfare service K.V. Nosov:
  • Keeping up traditions, paying homage to the oldsters that handed a victory in the World War II for our country, VMMP management decided to give financial rewards to the veterans that have been working at our plant on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nacism.
“VMMP” branch of SE “UMCC” paid UAH 400 to everybody of 182 veterans and participants of military operation. VMMP workers gave also greeting cards together with financial rewards to the veterans.
We, living now, forever will be under an irredeemable obligation to the veterans. Thanks to them we are living now and we are free, so to help them – our obligation.