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VMMP is lighting up new stars
VMMP is lighting up new stars


The grand opening of the new vocal projects First Step to Parnassus, the winner of which will receive the main prize of UAH 5,000 from JSC United Mining and Chemical Company, closed the creative winter season 2018/2019 at the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant.
 On February 28, Metalurh Culture and Sport Palace hosted the first round of the song contest, in which 13 talented singers competed. Among them were both employees of the plant and the members of their families.
The idea of the contest is to discover the new talents at the subsidiary and provide them with an opportunity to prove themselves. The organizers invited all employees of VMMP and also their families, who wished to compete, to participate in the contest. Every contestant, according to the conditions of the project, was provided with a possibility to perform on the stage of the Palace in a duo with a professional singer – celebrity coach.
The celebrity coaches include popular in Vilnohirsk and beyond heads of creative groups of the Culture and Sport Palace Olena Kravchenko, Alla Fabrikantova, Darya Kosenko, Oleh Yaroshenko, Svitlana Havrych, Olha Levchenko and Valentyna Kalashnyk. Each coach chose two contestants among those who submitted their application, for creating contest duos.
On the day of the concert, the hall was filled with audience, which included the fans of the contestants and simple fans of the works of Vilnohirsk artists. Nobody expected that this evening would become spectacular, magnificent and diverse by the styles of performances. One after the other, the participants came out on stage and won the audience over with their performance. They were judged by the competent jury, which included Tetyana Lohinova, Director of Children’s Music School, Lyudmyla Romanova, vocal coach of the Children’s Music School, Roman Kostin, deputy of Vilnohirsk City Council, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Association League of Cultural Figures of Ukraine and Fedir Klymenko, Chairman of Trade Union Committee of VMMP. They evaluated the vocal skills, artistic skills, correspondence of the chosen repertoire to the image of the contestant and also the ability to hold the stage during the performance.
The contestants together with their coaches were preparing for the performance during one month: they chose the songs, discussed stage images and staging, selected costumes and held many rehearsals, all for the sake of giving a worthy performance in the project – come out on stage and shine as a new bright star on the sky of Vilnohirsk creative activity. And this is not such an easy task, the contestants say.
“I liked being a contestant in this contest,” contestant Olena Schkrebtiy shares her impressions. “But I must admit, it was scary and I worried a lot.” Together with her coach Svitlana Havrysh, Olena beautifully performed a well-known song to the accompaniment of her coach. They had an original approach also to the staging of the performance, turning it into a small act in the beginning.
Rustam Keldiyarov, who was supported by his friends and family, self-critically said that his performance was a bit ‘subdued’, but wrote it off to the fact that this was the first time he was participating in the vocal contest. “It is such an adrenaline rush, so cool, which is why I will continue,” he said with a smile. And his fans, Kozhushko family, loved Rustam’s performance very much. “We wish him victory in this contest,” they said in support.
Also Iryna Storozhenko had a lot of fans. Several girls even drew posters to support Iryna. “The concert is super! We cheered for Iryna Storozhenko,” said one of her fans Maryna. “We loved it. She was the first one to perform and we believe that her performance was worthy. We are very happy and we will come for the next round too.”
When the concert ended and all worries were put behind, we asked creative director of the Palace Kateryna Rodynska, whether she thinks that the first round of the vocal show was a success. “I believe that it was indeed a success,” she replied. “The contestants enjoyed their performances, themselves. They began to show themselves as true artists and they’ve got everything ahead off them. During the next round, they will sing even better and enjoy themselves even more and the impressions they make on the audience.”
The contestants were given scores, but they will be announced later; the intrigue will be preserved until the final of the contest. So come, cheer and support your favorite performers and let the best one win!