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VMMP machinery pool added a special vehicle MAZ
VMMP machinery pool added a special vehicle MAZ


In March, JSC United Mining and Chemical Company purchased another maintenance crew vehicle MAZ for its subsidiary Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant. The vehicle was delivered to the plant and will operate at the mining and transportation department (MTD).
This is the second purchase of this type of vehicles at the subsidiary. It cost the company UAH 2.05 million. The first MAZ vehicle was purchased in autumn and it operates at the repair and assembly department.
Ivan Honchar, Deputy Head of MDP for transportation issues, says this vehicle is essential for working at the open pit mine, as at the moment, old maintenance crew vehicles GAZ-66 are used for transportation of the personnel, which can carry either people or equipment. Unlike them, MAZ can simultaneously transport up to 11 people and also all required equipment for repairs, for which it has a special section. This improves the speed of delivery of personnel to the required area of production, which, in turn, reduces the time for liquidation of accidents and optimizes the work of the repair crews.
As a reminder, MAZ is an all-terrain vehicle with high clearance, which is important for off-road conditions. It allows to save on transportations as it combines for places for passengers and the cargo section. Another big advantage of this model of the vehicle is that it has diesel engine, which provides a possibility to filling and refilling the tank directly at the open pit mine.
“Every upgrade of the special vehicles at the subsidiaries of JSC UMCC is a step towards more effective performance of the production in general, as each new vehicle allows to reduce labor intensity, perform more production tasks, which means that it reduces the cost of works that the drivers perform,” says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC, commenting on the investment.