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Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant celebrates its 65th anniversary
Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant celebrates its 65th anniversary


On March 9, Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company, celebrated its 65th anniversary. The veterans – founders of the plan and the settlement were in center of attention on this day.
The uniqueness of the celebration of this anniversary was that, following the decision of the company’s management, it was set on the day of the establishment of the plant – March 9. “The reason for this was the desire to pay special attention to those Irshansk workers, before the eyes of whom and with the hands of whom the plant and the settlement around it was created,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC.
The target was achieved. And the glint in the eyes and the tears of gratitude of the veteran miners, who were invited to the festive events, organized by the employees of the subsidiary – the concert and the festive buffet, testify to that.
The festive events took place at Titan Culture and Sport Palace on March 9. The entertainment and concert program was prepared for the veterans by the students of the Irshansk School of Arts and creative groups of Metalurh Culture and Sport Palace of the friendly subsidiary Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant.
The good mood, many happy moments and true esthetic pleasure was delivered to the Irshansk residents and guests of the celebration on that day by the choreographic group Veres of the Irshansk School of Arts, exemplary dance groups from Vilnohirsk: Perlynka and Radist, Irshansk Vocal Ensemble of the Irshansk School of Arts, instrumental ensemble Perekhrestya (led by Serhiy Bohdanov), duo Mriya, soloists of the Vilnohirst Studio of Stage Vocal of Oleh Yaroshenko: Viktoria Osypova, Kateryna Ivashyna, vocalist Daria Kosenko and also the resident of Irshansk Yulia Sydorenko.
Wind orchestra of Metalurh Culture and Sport Palace of VMMP subsidiary met with guests with good music. In the foyer, there was a historical exhibition that consisted of five stands titled Pioneers, Irshanskiy REP as the first line of the plant, Polissya Titan, Excavator-hydraulic method of extraction, Excavator-conveyor method of extraction. It reflects important period in the history of formation of the plant.
During the celebration, the local residents and the guests also had the opportunity to watch a film about the veterans of the plant titled The Memories of Irshansk MPP Come to Life, created by the journalists of mass media department of the subsidiary VMMP.
The concert hall Titan was filled with audience on this day. Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP addressed the veterans, current employees of the plant and the guests of the celebration with a welcome speech. “Anniversary is not only a historic milestone, but also a certain border that provides us with a possibility to evaluate the path traveled, remember those who dedicated their lives to the plant with kind words and, naturally, look into the future.” Chairman of the Trade Union of the plant Mykola Volokhov joined the congratulations.
Antonina Svyntsytska on behalf of the member of parliament of Ukraine Pavlo Dzyublyk congratulated the staff of the plant on the anniversary. The following veterans of the plant were awarded money rewards and Recognition Certificates of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: Mykhailo Kyrylovych Vasyanovych, operator of the excavator of the open pit mine No. 5, Halyna Oleksiyivna Shkurynska, laboratory assistant of the mineralogical analysis of the Central Laboratory, Svyatoslav Fratsevych Svyntsytskiy, loader of the railway track base.
Oleksiy Yasyunetskiy, Deputy Head of Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration, read the congratulatory letter on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of establishment of the plant on behalf of the governor. In it, he extended the wishes to the employees of IMPP of success in work, optimism and joys of life. Also the Head of Khoroshiv County State Administration Halyna Shyrchenko and Chairman of the County Council Andriy Yushchenko congratulated titanium miners with the anniversary. The leaders of the county awarded Recognition Certificates to the former employees: Slava Fedorovych Panchenko, Deputy Chief Mechanic of the Department of Chief Mechanic, Valeriy Hennadiyovych Cherepanov, operator of the excavator of the open pit mine No. 5, Emilia Ivanivna Semenenko, Transporter of the Processing Plant No. 1, Hryhoriy Oleksandrovych Zabrodskiy, Chief Mechanic of the Transport and Technology Department.
After the festive concert, the veterans were invited to the buffet, where they were taken to the evening of recollections accompanied by the host. They communicated with each other, sang songs and recollected the best working experiences at the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant.
After the festivities, we asked the veterans and the guests about their impressions of the celebration.
Anatoliy Lukyanovych Slepchenko, energy specialist, chief of provision department of the plant, track record – 40 years: “I was very happy to have been invited to the anniversary. It is a good opportunity to meet and communicate with my generation, to remember those, who are no longer with us. The concert program was filled with different amazing acts. I loved the performances of our Irshansk residents and the guests – creative artists from Vilnohirsk. Thank you very much!”
Nadiya Vasyliyivna Lahola, worked as a technician-geologists at IMPP since 1972: “I really loved the concert, special dance acts both ours and from Vilnohirsk. I’d like to thank the heads of the oblast, county that they came to congratulate us and the current top management of the plant for the attention and care.”