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Four-legged guards at the service of VMMP
Four-legged guards at the service of VMMP


Recently, a pair of German shepherds Ramses and Kedra, faithful and dedicated guards, appeared at Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC.
Their appearance at the plant is due to the fact that it is necessary to quickly prevent any unauthorized persons from entering the territory of the plant. The dogs will help deal with offenders more effectively, as the territory under protection is quite large.
The four-legged guards will be able to assist the workers of the unit in unusual situations. After all, it is in their very nature to protect their territory. And any penetration is eliminated by a properly trained dog almost instantly. Ramses will be involved not only in the protection of the territory, but also in the search for criminals – he will “pick up the trail”.
The new guards will be trained, as they must know all basic commands, react to any sound, all unauthorized persons who will try to penetrate the guarded territory. Employees of the departmental security service were chosen for this work, specifically Serhiy Rosyn, Ivan Salnykov, Ivan Kryshen and Ihor Tsyvka, who know how to train and tame the dogs.
Chief of the security service Oleksandr Moskalenko shared that the nearest plans include construction of the training ground. “We will install 8 different apparatus on it for training our dogs and performance of the duties by them,” he says. “The future plans include increase of the number of the four-legged guards. We have three free crates available for this.”
The four-legged guards are expected to start their work in spring. Already today, together with their trainers, they are exercising on the territory, which they will soon be guarding.