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Increased attention to the operation of drying equipment
Increased attention to the operation of drying equipment


Major repairs of the drum dryers continue at the processing production of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC. Once the repairs are completed, the equipment will become more energy efficient.
The use of drum dryers at the recovery site of the processing production is mandatory in the technological process of obtaining the finished products at the subsidiary. We have already reported about the start of the repair of the drum dryer No. 7. As a reminder, this oven performs the function of substitute equipment for the use in case the main drum dryers break down.
According to the Chief Mechanic of the Processing Production Volodymyr Hrynko, the drum dryer No. 7 was under repairs from January 21 until February 18. The overhaul involved replacement of the cone, supporting and carrying rollers, inspection of the inside of the oven, and drum dryer, etc.
“After the overhaul was completed, under control of the technological and repair personnel, the oven went through the test run in no-load conditions, in accordance with the regulation for the term of 72 hours,” shared the chief mechanic. During this process, systematic observation over the operation of all mechanisms of the drum dryer was performed. No violations in the operation of the oven were discovered during the test run, and after the test run of 72 hours, the oven was put into operation with the load, said Volodymyr Hrynko. At the moment, the drum dryer No. 7 is in operating condition and serves as a substitute.
However, the work on this equipment has not been completed yet. The next step is insulation of the drum dryer, which will be performed by the environmental protection service.  “In the end, the oven will be insulated, lined, which will allow use to save well on energy resources, i.e. natural gas, and not to lose heat,” emphasizes the chief mechanic. He said that all the required materials for this type of work are already available.
This year, there is an urgent need to perform repairs of drum dryers No. 6 and No. 2. The planned repairs of the drum dryer No. 6, among other things, will involve overhaul of the vacuum filter, namely replacement of the vacuum chamber, vacuum filter tape, drive and tension drums, and repair the thickening funnel by the repair personnel of the processing production.
The by-stage preparation for the complete overhaul of the oven already began on the drum dryer No. 2. At the moment, the builders of the construction and assembly unit are working to strengthen the floor under the oven No. 2, the formwork and the drive frame have already been installed and also the plane survey has been completed. The next stage is to lay the foundation. According to the chief mechanic, all these works are carried out periodically, during the down time of the drum dryer No. 2. In the nearest future, after the completion of the preparatory work and final purchase of all required spare parts for the overhaul of the drum dryer, the oven will be shut down for repair.