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Best swimmers named
Best swimmers named


Swimming tournament took place at the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, as a part of the annual Spartakiad, which the company supports at the subsidiaries. Yulia Voitovych and Iryna Mazur celebrated victories among women and Mykhailo Khomyuk and Serhiy Synyak – among men.
Swimming event among men and women with support of the trade union of the plant took place at the swimming pool of the Health and Recreation Center of IMPP subsidiary. Men and women aged up to 35 and older than 35 competed in individual events and relay. Overall, 9 units and departments of the subsidiary participated in the competition.
Women were competing first. Positive emotions, sporting competition, sadness of defeat and the joy of victory – those were the emotions on the lanes of the swimming pool on that day. Yulia Voitovych, Chief of the Central Laboratory Department, celebrated victory in the individual races among women aged up to 35. She swam 50-meter distance in 1 min. 13.05 seconds. Iryna Mazur, separator of the processing factory of the open pit mine No. 8, claimed the first place among women in the category over 35 years of age. The winner’s result was 54.80 seconds, which turned out to be the best result in both age categories. As a reminder, last year, Iryna also won the swimming championship of the Spartakiad among women.
Then, it was the men's turn. In a tough competition, Mykhailo Khomyuk, land surveyor of the Operational Reconnaissance Party (ORP), claimed the first place in the individual races among men in the category up to 35 years of age with the result of 36.92 seconds. Serhiy Synyak, electrician of the Central Laboratory, won the race in the category of men over 35 years of age with the result of 37.08 seconds.
The men’s 4 x 50 m relay turned out to be interesting and spectacular. The teams, each consisting of four athletes, had to show the best physical conditions, skills and team spirit. Based on the results of the relay, the team of open pit mine No. 9 claimed the victory with the result of 2 min. 59.17 seconds. The team consisted of Yuriy Antonyuk, Mykola Vasylchuk, Vitaliy Pavlenko and Yuriy Okhrymchuk. The team of the plant’s administration came in second and the team of workshops of the plan finished third.
            Based on the results of the swimming competition among men's and women's teams, the judges gave the victory to the athletes of the plant's administration, second place to the open pit mine No. 9 and third place to the open pit mine No. 8.
“Sporting events serve as a motivation for the members of the staff. They join people together, give them the feeling of confidence and help form the team spirit. That is why the company’s management gladly supports sports at the subsidiaries and sees the results of the sport battles with great interest,” says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC.