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VMPP switches to summer operation mode
VMPP switches to summer operation mode


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant put into operation the first stretch of hydraulic transport and completed all winter repairs of the equipment that was shut down for the cold period.
On March 21, the equipment of hydraulic transport that was removed from the operation for the winter period was successfully put back into operation and now the processing production can operate simultaneously two or one stretch of hydraulic transport at once. These measures will improve the plant’s performance during operation in the warm period of the year.
The equipment was shut down in December for the winter period for the purpose of saving the energy resources. Putting it back into operation will improve technological possibilities for the hydraulic transport of the enterprise, while transfer of the stretch will reduce the arm of the mined rock transportation to the NORTH stretch of the open pit mine No. 7, according to Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of VMMP. The taken measures will have a positive effect on the performance indicators of the Mining and Transportation Production (MTP) from the point of view of transportation of 1 cu m of the mined rock.
On March 19-20, the processing production of VMMP was suspended for the planned major overhaul, which included the work on connecting the first stretch of the hydraulic transport. During the entire winter period, the idle equipment underwent required repairs, which allowed for connecting the first stretch within two days.
Volodymyr Hrynko, Chief Mechanic of the Processing Production (PP) at VMMP, informed that during the winter period, the plant performed technical maintenance of the pumps of the hydraulic transport as well as replacement of movement of plates, hydro-extraction pumps, frames of the pumps, etc.
Repairs at the other units of the PP have also been performed during winter. A large volume of work in terms of the repair of technological equipment of the second stretch was performed at the site of gravity in the disintegration body. “The pulp lines of 25.5 mark with a diameter of 630 mm and the pulp receiver were repaired, and all hydrocyclones with a diameter of 710 mm and a diameter of 1000 mm of the second stretch were also checked and repaired. This included replacement and repair of pipelines, replacement of discharge pipes, gutters, drainage nozzles, replacement of the lining, etc. Maintenance also included inspection, repair and replacement of injection and suction pipelines of all technological equipment of the second stretch of the disintegration body,” informed the chief mechanic.
A lot of work was also done at the site for molding sands (SMS) during the cold season. According to the technology, the site cannot operate at sub-zero temperatures, so it is also shut down for the winter, which makes it possible to carry out all the necessary repairs and prepare the site for the summer season. The repair and maintenance department of the plant performed work on the production and surfacing of the damper, repairs of vacuum filters, transfer of vacuum filters and the thickening funnel, laying of technical pipelines for circulating water and repair of service platforms.
The chief mechanic of PP also informed that during the winter period, inspection and maintenance of drivers of the KSS-1000 conveyers of inclined gallery, conveyers No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were performed at the SMS. The metal structures and service platforms were cleaned and painted. “During this period, we assembled the power supply for vacuum filters No. 4 and No. 6 and lifted sample container, etc. At the moment, the site is fully operational and is ready to process the tailings from the disintegration site,” said Volodymyr Hrynko.
As a result, the processing production is ready to operate at full capacity with both lines, as well as to produce sand for construction works, molding sands and sands for the glass industry of the BC-30 and BC-50 grades.