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Vilnohirsk MMP to replace record volume of pipelines
Vilnohirsk MMP to replace record volume of pipelines


Starting from April 1, Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company, continued implementation of a major project for the replacement of metal pipeline with polyethylene one. The new pipe will help save on repairs of the equipment and improve performance indicators of the plant in general.
The investment into the purchase of the polyethylene pipes will amount to approximately UAH 37 million.
As a reminder, the project was launched a year ago. In 2018, the company invested nearly UAH 46.7 million into replacement of the metal pipeline with polyethylene pipeline. Around 4.6 km of the new pipe was installed at the sites of hydraulic transport and tailings of the processing production of the plant.
This year, the plant has even more ambitious plans. Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of the subsidiary, tells that around 4 km of pipelines will be replaced at the hydraulic transport site and 2 km of pipelines with a diameter of 630 mm will be replaced at the tailings site. And this is not all. Also, around 2.5 km of polyethylene pipe with a diameter of 450 mm will be installed on these sites.
“As of today, they are record high volumes,” stated Oleksiy Ryabinin. “We are hoping that the resources of the plant and the required equipment as well as the weather conditions will allow us to implement this big project.” He emphasized that the implementation of the project is extremely important for the plant. The fact is that the polyethylene pipe under operating conditions justifies its investment due to the fact that the wear of this type of pipelines is several times lower than the metal one. In addition, the use of polyethylene pipes will reduce downtime of the main equipment, as well as overhaul downtime, says the chief engineer of the subsidiary.
Before starting the work on the project, Vilnohirsk subsidiary held a meeting of the heads of divisions that will be involved in it. Representatives of the mining and transportation production, repair and assembly department and processing production led by the chief engineer of the plant developed a program and schedule of works. The decision was made to form brigades from different departments that will use a special schedule (2 days of work, 2 days of rest) to assemble the pipelines with special soldering devices in two chains simultaneously without any breaks.
“This mode of operation will allow to increase the volume of installation, repair and replacement of pipelines, which will reduce the downtime of hydraulic transport and tailings section, and, as a result, reduce the cost of goods,” says the chief engineer of the subsidiary.