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MP Kryshyn awarded candidates for master of sports
MP Kryshyn awarded candidates for master of sports


Member of Parliament of Ukraine Oleh Kryshyn awarded Vilnohirsk kickboxers with certificates and money rewards for their achievements in sport.
Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Oleh Kryshyn met with kickboxers that participated in the ISKA Kickboxing Championship of Ukraine and Ukrainian Cossack Fight Championship and brought victories to Vilnohirsk – 10 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals. He happily handed the medals they earned to the athletes and added certificates and money rewards to each winner on his own behalf.
Yakiv Khoprov, Valeriya Khudyakova, Nazar Yevtushenko and Anton Mykhailenko have been fighting in the domestic tournaments for only two years, having already achieved the ranks of candidates for master of sports (nationally ranked athletes). They were awarded the ranked by the Department of Youth and Sports of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration for their hard work and the bravery it takes to take down their opponents.
Rapid progress in the athletic career was achieved thanks to hours of hard training and the possibility to feel the force of their opponents thanks to participation in the competitions of different levels, which is provided for the kickboxers by JSC United Mining and Chemical Company.
The athletes are already well known not only in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, but all across Ukraine in their sport. “I’d like to congratulate you and to tell you – keep it up! You are our future champions,” said MP Kryshyn. After the award ceremony of the young fighters, he addressed their trainer Mykola Beletskiy, thanked him for training the young generation and awarded him with the memorable medal Patriot of Ukraine and also money reward.
Next up are WAKO Kickboxing Championship of Ukraine, European Cossack Fight Championship and world event in Ireland for the title of ISKA champions! We wish our fighters success!