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Accord celebrates its first anniversary
Accord celebrates its first anniversary


On March 22, the Center for Culture and Sports hosted the concert of Accord Children’s Vocal Ensemble, which coincided with the celebration of its 5th anniversary. The children’s ensemble gathered its many fans in the concert hall and gave the audience many pleasant emotions with its performance. Every act amazed with its originality, beautiful costumes, voices and excellent staging. Accord gave not just a concert, but a real show, in which everything looked harmonious and interesting.
Today, this children's ensemble is very successful and popular in the city, because it uniquely combines exquisite singing and choreography. The existence of this amazing group is an example of persistent realization of the dream of the young and talented performer, head of Accord Darya Kosenko.
Today, there are 38 talented children in the ensemble. The head conducts a thorough selection of the singing children. “I look at the character of the child, ear for music and also acting and choreographic talent and diction are important,” tells Darya Kosenko.
There are three age groups in Accord: there are 16 children in the junior group and 11 in middle and senior groups each. The classes are held in the form of a game, which the children love. “Children absolutely love their coach,” tell the mothers smiling. With older children, she uses another methods of learning, which is why the discipline is at the very high level.
In the past two years, choreographer Anna Antonyuk (graduate of the exemplary dance group Perlynka) has been working with Accord. Thanks to her, every act of the children's ensemble looks very impressive.  “The children are not simply standing on stage,” tells the mother of one of the soloists Natalia Zheleznyak. “They move, dance, show different ‘stunts’.”
Darya Kosenko has the degree of choir conductor, which is why she uses not only methods of ensemble singing, but also choir singing. Middle and senior groups perform songs with two or three parts, which adds originality and uniqueness to the ensemble.
Background info
Children's Vocal Ensemble Accord, head Darya Kosenko, starting from 2017 has actively participated in oblast, regional, all-Ukrainian and international contests and festivals. The ensemble claimed the first places among the ensembles at the contests and festivals on more than one occasion. The soloists also add victories to the 'medal count' of Accord: Katya Solomka, Vika Zheleznyak, Nastya Mukha, Katya Gyunter, Polina Reikhman, Masha Demyanova, Liza Koroleva and Maria Krutous. Z_efit, Novorichna Feyeriya, Osinniy Vernisazh, Zhar-ptytsya, Zolota Notka, Hollywood Fest – that is by far the full list of the contest, where Accord Ensemble won first prizes for its native town.