"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | MTD takes the main prize of the Manager of the Future 2019

MTD takes the main prize of the Manager of the Future 2019
MTD takes the main prize of the Manager of the Future 2019


The annual contest of young specialists Manager of the Future ended at the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant. Serhiy Lymar, the worker of MTD, earned the first place, also for his department, as he believes. The administration of the subsidiary rewarded the other winners with rewards and the trade union presented valuable gifts
On March 22, the young and ambitious driver of the Mining and Transportation Department (MTD) Serhiy Lymar was named the winner of the Manager of the Future 2019 contest. This was the first time in two years that he and his department competed in this contest. Serhiy tells he did not expect to take the first place. “It was rather unexpected for me. I really wanted to test myself and this contest is an excellent opportunity for potential career growth.” From now on, he will continue to participate in such contests in order to improve his knowledge and defend the image of his department, he says.
For his victory, Serhiy had to compete against nine other contenders: Maksym Povstyanko, Vitaliy Abramchuk, Serhiy Fenenko, Yevhen Mankus, Oleksandr Shcherbakov (PP), Yevhen Pytlyk (management), Roman Lagorzhevsky (energy department), and Yuriy Tsarenko (MTD).
At this stage of the contest, the contenders were expected to resolve a production situation proposed by the opponent as managers. The contestants prepared well for this trial and gave clear answers to the questions. Even additional questions from the jury members and charming MC – worker of the energy department Andriy Pipa did not throw them off. This proves that the participants of the contest have sufficient level of knowledge in their fields and react well to emergency circumstances.
The situations, where the contenders had to show their leadership skills were different. These included a fire at the production, damage or malfunction of mechanisms – all that can happen at any moment and is an emergency that requires quick and competent reaction. It is important that while answering to technical questions, the participants did not forget about the human factor, because a good manager is the one who cares about his people, is respected by them and knows psychology.
Members of the jury, which included Chairman of the Commission Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of the subsidiary, and members of the commission Oleksandr Piven, acting Head of Mining and Transportation Department, Yevhen Korchahin, acting Chief of Production and Technical Service, Volodymyr Havrysh, Chief of the Power Department, Volodymyr Drozd, Chief of Labor Safety Department, Kateryna Belous, Lead Engineer of Labor and Wages Department, Kostyantyn Nosov, Head of Social Development Service, and Fedir Klymenko, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, held some quite emotional discussions when determining the winner. Every member had their own arguments on this matter.
Besides the absolute winner Serhiy Lymar, the second place was given to Yevhen Mankus, the worker of the Mining and Transportation Department and the third – to Yevhen Pytlyk, the worker of the processing production. Thus, the majority of the victories were claimed by the workers of the MTD.
The winners of the competition will receive money rewards from the administration of the VMMP: UAH 2,000 for the first place, UAH 1,500 – for the second place and UAH 1,000 for the third place. The trade union rewarded all participants with gifts – portable power banks.
The competition has been held for over 10 years and is financed by the administration and trade union committee of the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant. It provides a possibility for the young workers of the plant to try their strength as a manager.