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Multotec separators are proving their benefits
Multotec separators are proving their benefits


Assembly and testing of one of the three new blocks of Multotec separators was completed at the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC. Reduction of production cost of kyanite-sillimanite concentrate has been achieved.
Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of VMMP, informed that within the short period of trial, gas consumption indicators have dropped – from 12 cu m to 10 cu m per ton of products. Also, output indicators of kyanite concentrate have increased by nearly 10%.
Why is implementation of this project so important now for the subsidiary? Oleksiy Ryabinin explains that recently there has been a sharp drop (up to 3%) in the content of heavy fraction in ore. In other words, the plant is processing depleted ore. “We are forced to carry out very large volumes of processing in order to obtain the required amount of finished products,” he says. “This leads to increase of product costs and additional expenses for the production.”
In order to level the low content of the useful product in the ore and the increase in the cost, two blocks of Multotec separators will be used in this section of the processing production on both lines of hydrotransport. One of them was installed earlier that the second one is being mounted now.
Serhiy Rusakov, Chief of the Technical Department of the processing production, says that the technological process of production of the kyanite-sillimanite concentrate is very complex, as it is similar in physical properties to other related minerals, especially to quartz, which makes its separation difficult. Therefore in order to increase the efficiency of this redistribution, it is necessary to increase the content of kyanite-sillimanite in the rough concentrate, and reduce the amount of quartz, which would reduce the consumption of natural gas for drying one ton of product. That is why the decision was made to introduce a module of screw separators of Multotec company to this technological scheme, following the cleaning of the kyanite product on the concentration tables.
As a reminder, JSC United Mining and Chemical Company invested around UAH 10 million for the acquisition of the blocks of separators of the African company Multotec.