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UMCC supported sport tourism competition at VMMP
UMCC supported sport tourism competition at VMMP


On May 17, the first tourism competition among the workers of VMMP, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, members of Trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine (TUMMU) and members of their families took place at the city park of Vilnohirsk. The even was organized by the primary organization of TUMMU of VMMP with support of the administration of the plant and JSC United Mining and Chemical Company.
This kind of event was held at the Vilnohirsk MMP for the first time and inspired great interest – 8 divisions of the subsidiary expressed their desire to compete in this sport: mining and transportation department (MTD), Processing Production (PP), Central Plant Laboratory (CPL), Transport-Forwarding Department (TFD), Power Utilities Department (PUD), Administration of the plant, Repair and Assembly Department (RAD) and Culture and Sport Palace. All of them formed teams consisting of 10 members, two of which were cooks and 8 athletes.
The host of the even Tetyana Kalashnikova invited the teams to announce their names and slogans and then presented the jury, which consisted of Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of the plant, Fedir Klymenko, Chair of the Trade Union committee, Oleksandr Tolkachev, Chair of the MTD committee, Volodymyr Karpov, Chair of the PP Committee, and also Yakiv Korshok, Master of Sports of USSR in wrestling, Master of Sport of Ukraine in sport tourism, head of the group for hiking of the municipal Youth Center of International Partnership of independent and informal formation Osvitorium of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council.
Big tourist relay was the key competition of the event, where the participants passed a mounted crossing and made their way along the log, passing the backpack to each other, moving with the help of three bumps and bulk skis, and with the help of two ropes aptly hit the ball into a tank. “The big tourist relay became the most exiting moment of the competition. The participants passed all trials with great interest,” said Yakiv Korshok. Young school students, members of the sport tourism club supported the relay. They noted that the team showed quite good results despite that this was the first time this kind of competition was held among the participant.
In addition to the main relay, the teams competed in storing drinking water, cutting sausage into the biggest number of pieces, starting a fire as fast as possible, sport orienteering and topographic relay. All these contests took place in a great positive atmosphere.
In fact, a real culinary battle for cooking tasty field porridge unfolded among the cooks. They used all available maneuvers! Spices, mushrooms and berries played a big role there… And when it came to presentations, the fantasies were unlimited. All teams approached the tasks creatively and with humor. For example, Culture and Sport Palace cooked a real tourist breakfast and sang songs near the tent to a guitar, while the central plant’s laboratory presented a new ‘buckwheat concentrate” in a unique package – small big bag.
In addition to the participants, there were many fans in the part. In between the contests, the host held interesting competitions for children. In fact, besides the young support group, also colleagues, friends, parents, spouses and even mothers-in-law came to cheer for their teams. “I absolutely love today’s event and that there is entertainment for the children,” says Natalia Ivanivna, the mother-in-law of one of the participants. “I came to cheer for my son-in-law and I wish that he wins!”
The atmosphere of the even was friendly and joyful and soon the winners were determined. Tourists of the plant's administration were named the winners, TFD workers finished second and processing production took the third place. All teams received gift sets and the prize winners – cups, medals and certificates.
Tired, but happy participants shared their impressions of the new type of competition.

Oleksandr Shchekodyn (administration): “Today’s event was organized at a very high level; I can’t even remember of something like that in Vilnohirsk. This is probably the first time such tournament is held. I think that such competitions need to be held as frequently as possible, because our youngsters must develop both athletically and intellectually.”
Tetiana Khomukha (CPL): “Our team is very happy – positive contests, very loyal jury, everything is very interesting and informative. I invite to such events, whenever they are organized, everybody. You must all agree and come.”

Olena Zabrodska (PUD): “We were surprise that finally it was tourism’s turn. These are very important and useful skills both in work and during relaxation, on weekdays and on holidays. Everywhere! We are very thankful for organizing such even and would like such events to be supported in the future. Let the ideas be generated and we will realize them!”

Yevhen Prisnyak (captain of plant's administration team): “The team did great. We all were active, and competed as a team. Before the start of the relay we agreed that it was best not to hurry and not get any penalties, because every penalty added 10 seconds. It is best to lose 2-3 seconds but do it well, because that is an advantage. We really hoped for the victory and achieved it. We are happy and thrilled!”
Text: Kateryna Drozd