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Swedish Warman pump is successfully passing the testing
Swedish Warman pump is successfully passing the testing


Warranty testing of Warman 10/8 slurry pump of a known Swedish manufacturer continues at the processing factory of the open pit mine No. 7 of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC. Irshansk plant expects that the new equipment will help reduce the energy cost and improve the efficiency of pumping.
The new pump pumps slurry (mixture of titanium ore and water) from the open pit mine to the processing factory. It must be in operation at the plant for around 200 days and over 4,000 hours. After the testing is finished and in the case of positive conclusion of the specialists of the company, JCS United Mining and Chemical Company will transfer nearly UAH 1.5 million (VAT included) to the supplier.
Anatoliy Denysenko, a mechanic at the open pit mine No. 7, informed that Warman 10/8 already passed the 900-hour test. Over this period, there have been no emergency stops or the need to performed planned repairs. “This is very important for the production. We would have to repair the pump 12 GrU-12, which we had earlier, three or four times in this period. The new pump has the capacity of 110 kWatt, and the previous had 250 kWatt, which is why we should save substantial volumes of electricity,” says Denysenko. Despite that the new pump is less powerful, its pumping indicators are better than those of the old pump, he informs.
“Unlike the previous equipment, the new pump is more powerful and energy-efficient. This will help Irshansk plant improve performance indicators of the open pit mine No. 7 for the production of ilmenite concentrate,” says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC, commenting on the expectations from the investment.
The operators of the pumps Yuriy Polynovskiy, Mykola Okhrymenko, Mykola Heraimovych and Mykhailo Romanchuk, who are watching over the operation of the new Warman 10/8 are satisfied with the Swedish equipment. According to their observations, Warman is launched much quieter than the old pump. But most importantly, there is no longer a need to spend time, efforts and money on repairs, which the new pump does not require.
The head of the setting group Andriy Kolesnyk explains that the main distinction of Warman pumps compared to similar products is a special geometry of the shrouds of the impeller. “It helps reduce the losses of raw materials, improving the efficiency of pumping the hard particles of small fraction by 10%,” he notes.
Warman is an extremely useful acquisition for the processing factory of the open pit mine No. 7. “Firstly, it will ensure great energy saving. Secondly, the resource of the work of the flow channel of the pump will increase. And thirdly, the its idle time will decrease,” sums up Pavlo Vasyanovych, Head of the Chief Processor Service of Irshansk MPP. The specialists of the Irshansk subsidiary believe the new pump will quickly return the investment.
Background info. Warman 10/8 operates on the engine of a known Brazilian company WEG, which is the world's second largest (after Siemens) manufacturer of low-voltage electric engines. Engine capacity is 110 kWatt. Pressure of water on the hydraulic sealing of the unit is 3.0 kPa. Rotation speed of the pump is 519 rpm.