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UMCC supports a cycling event
UMCC supports a cycling event


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC always supports the initiative that help the young and talented employees of the plant develop. This time, Vilnohirsk Forest 2019 cross country cycling event was held with the support of the company.
On June 15, Vilnohirsk Forest 2019 cross country cycling event took place near the town of Vilnohirsk. This annual event brings together more and more athletes and enthusiasts. This year, 64 cycling enthusiasts from 13 cities of Ukraine directed the wheels of their bikes to the wonderful track, developed by the organizers of the event and it was worth it. The participants and the fans of the race experienced incredible emotions and a real adrenaline rush!
This is a cross country cycling event with the route representing a 3.5 km circle. The location of the route was the green grass area near the shadowy forest outside the town, in the direction of the village of Posunky, which the organizers prepared for the race.
The participants raced in laps with the number of laps determined for each category. There were six categories: amateurs, women amateurs, masters 40+, masters 50+, elite and women experts.
Everything was organized at the highest level, primarily the track, which even the most experienced riders praised highly. The place of the event was equipped with all the necessary things: a possibility to have a tasty lunch with hot dishes, water to freshen up in heat and also music and master of ceremony.
Guests of Vilnohirsk claimed all the prizes. The local athletes need to prepare for the next year’s event in order to show better results. After all, now they have an excellent training ground nearby.
Elated by success of Vilnohirsk Forest 2019, the organizers and participants decided that next year they will have to repeat the event and consolidate this year’s achievements.
“We’d like to thank the organizers of this event for making such a wonderful rack track on their own and in their free time,” commented Kostyantyn Nosov, Head of Social Development Service at VMMP. He added that the plant provided equipment for the event, organized transfer of athletes, music equipment, etc. “We look forward to the Vilnohirsk Forest 2020!” he said.