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Grand Talent discovers new stars
Grand Talent discovers new stars


On June 27, Metalurh Culture and Sports Palace of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant welcomed the participants of Grand Talent, a festival of childrens and youth creative activities. JSC United Mining and Chemical Company traditionally sponsored the event.
This year, over 300 participants from 10 oblasts of Ukraine came to the festival, which is more than in the previous years. The organizers added new programs, so the auditions took place in three halls simultaneously, tells Roman Kostin, Director of the festival. Specifically, chamber stage was added, where the young artists could test their strengths.
Artists from Poltava, Kropyvnytskiy, Odesa, and Kherson participate in the festival every year. Donetsk Oblast also joined the festival this year. Roman Kostin shared that the jury listened to every participant very attentively, fairly assessed them and provided advice for further development of their talent.
The composition of the jury also changed substantially this year. It included four merited and two people’s artists of Ukraine, which immediately raised the rating of the festival. The jury included first minister of culture of Ukraine, chair of the jury Larysa Khorolets. She is the People’s Artist of Ukraine. Ada Rohovtseva, hero of Ukraine, People’s Artist of Ukraine, who evaluated the future theater actors, became the real gem of the festival. The jury also included Svitlana Orlichenko, merited artist of Ukraine, Kateryna Pushkina, merited artist of Ukraine, Taras Yanytskiy, merited artist of Ukraine, Olha Us, merited artist of Ukraine, Iryna Velykodnya, Director of Kamyanske College, Ihor Hrinberh, filmmaker, Ihor Hruzin, Head of Orchestra, Wind Instruments and Percussions, Svitlana Fuchylo, accredited judge of first category for ballroom dances of the League of Artists of Ukraine. With such star jury, the children had more chances to receive an impartial assessment of their talents and learn how to develop them further.
Competitive selection continued for the whole day. Vocal, choreography, instrumental music, art of declamation, vocal and instrumental bands – everything around was singing, playing and dancing. In the evening of the same day, the winners were announced at the gala concert of the festival. Vilnohirsk won 7 first places, 3 second and 3 third places, including students of Metalurh Culture and Sports Palace: Pop vocal nomination, 1st category – Maria Lomaka – 1st place; 2nd category – Yelizaveta Serbina – 1st place; 3rd category – Viktoria Osipova – 1st place (all – Pop Vocal Studio of Oleh Yaroshenko); Choreography nomination – 1st category – Volta Dance Ballroom Dancing Studio (director Svitlana Fuchylo) – 1st place.
Volta Dance was awarded a gift certificate by JSC UMCC, which was presented by Kostyantyn Nosov, Head of Social Development Service of VMMP. Exemplary Choreographic Ensemble of Folk and Stage and Modern Dance Silhouette (Dnipro) won the grand prix of the festival. Little violinist Marietta Sarkisyan (Kamyanske) became a real discovery of the festival. She also received grand prix.
Further growth of the festival’s participants testifies to the high level of Grand Talent. The majority of winners of the past seasons of the festival participate in different national contests and TV projects, such as Chornomorski Ihry, Kruche Vsekh, etc.
Alla Didenko