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Athletics Competition
Athletics Competition


JSC United Mining and Chemical Company sponsored athletics competition at Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, its subsidiary, as a part of Spartakiad 2018/2019.
On June 23, the athletes of the subsidiary competed in 100 m, 300 m, and 500 m runs, 4x100 m relay (men) and long jump. Maksym Semenchuk, who recently came to work to the plan as the driver at the transport and technology unit, became a real discovery at the competition. He was not only the youngest athlete, but also showed top results in running. Valentyna Khomyuk also participated in the athletics even for the first time, and she showed good results in running.
The prizes in the 100 m sprint (men) in the Sub-Group A (main units) were claimed by the employees of the transport and technology unit: Maksym Semenchuk. Vadym Verder and Mykola Nechyporenko. In the Sub-Group B (auxiliary units), Mykhailo Khomyuk (operational and exploratory party) celebrated victory. Maksym Semenchuk and Mykhailo Khomyuk had the best results in the 500 m runs in their sub-groups.
The best results among women in the 60 m sprint registered Svitlana Tryk (administration), Yana Lohinova (recreation center) and in the 300 m run – Valentyna Khomyuk (administration) and Yana Lohinova.
In the 4x100 m relay, the athletes of the transport and technology unit demonstrated the best skills and team work. The relay team of the administration claimed the second place and energy workshop – the third place.
Oleksiy Vasyanovych, first category engineer of the chief mechanic department of the plant celebrated victory with the best result in the long jump. Operator of the excavator Maksym Shkvarnytskiy (TTU) claimed the second place and Pavlo Drozd (energy workshop), an engineer for maintenance and repair of gas equipment, - the third. Among women, Diana Skokovska (administration) finished with the best result, followed by Svitlana Tryk and Yana Lohinova.
Based on the results of the competition, athletes of the administration topped the ratings in the Sub-Group A (main units), followed by the transport and technology unit and energy workshop in the second and third place respectively. In the Sub-Group B (auxiliary units), the athletes of the health and recreation center celebrated victory with the team of electric laboratory of the process control instruments and automatics in the second place and operational and exploratory party in the third place.
Upon completion of the athletic tournament, the organizers held a lottery, in which almost all athletes won incentive prizes. The winners of the competitions received diplomas and money rewards from JSC UMCC.