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New Australian separators installed
New Australian separators installed


The employees of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant swiftly mounted the new processing equipment, acquired by JSC United Mining and Chemical Company.
Put the investment into operation, prepare the factories and open-pit mines of the first line of Yurska Site of Mezhyrichne Deposit – these are the tasks JSC UMCC set for the Irshansk subsidiary, and the subsidiary is successfully fulfilling them, informs Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC. He is satisfied with the rate of preparation of the new equipment for operation at the subsidiary.
As a reminder, in the beginning of June, 92 Australian spiral separators of MG 6.3 (68 units) and HG 10 (24 units) arrived to IMPP from Australia. At the end of June, the equipment was already installed and introduced to the processing process at the factory of the open-pit mine No. 9, tells Andriy Vozihnuy, Chief of the open-pit mine No. 9. He says that team work of the specialists of the construction and assembly and repair and construction division, employees of the processing factory and timely provision of the required materials made it possible to meet the deadlines for the installation of the separators.
The reconstruction of the factory of the open-pit mine No. 9 continues since the beginning of the year. The company has high hopes for this production unit, as it will have to process substantial volumes of titanium ores from the new sites of the Mezhyrichne Deposit, which the subsidiary obtained for development this year. At the moment, the documents for the right to develop the second line of the Yurska Site, which will substantially extend the term of operation of the open-pit mine No. 9, are being prepared.
Upon completion of all planned work, Irshansk will put the technological equipment into operation. “We are hoping that the processing factory of the open-pit mine No. 9 will be put back into operation on October 1. That’s when we will also start to process newly mined ore. Until then, the mining complex of the open-pit mine No. 9 will be fully provided with work,” comments Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC.
United Mining and Chemical Company acquired eight modules of different types of spiral separators manufactured by the world-known manufacturer of processing equipment, Australian company Mineral Technologies for Irshansk MPP, its subsidiary, for the purpose of updated production capacities, for nearly UAH 29 million