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UMCC increased the number of camp packages for children
UMCC increased the number of camp packages for children


305 children of the employees of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant and Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, subsidiaries of JSC UMCC, will have an opportunity to improve their health in 2019. This is more than last year. The quota for the trip packages has been increased with camp packages to Holube Polumya Camp on the Sea of Azov and Horyzont Camp in Poltava Oblast.
JSC UMCC and its subsidiaries VMMP and IMPP feel the great social responsibility to the big number of their employees, which is why every year they facilitate health improvement of the employees and their children during the winter and summer seasons. Last year, the expenses for health and recreation of own employees at VMMP exceeded UAH 2 million, with 240 children going to camps in winter and summer of 2018. 36 children of the employees of IMPP were sent to camps at the company’s expense. JSC UMCC reimbursed 90% of the cost of the trip packages.
This season, the company decided to increase the quota for the health and recreation of children in the summer period. In 2019, with support of the trade union committees of Vilnohirsk and Irshansk subsidiaries, it will purchase 25 additional camp trips to the sea for the privileged category of the families of the VMMP employees and also more children will spend their time at Horyzont Camp from the Irshansk subsidiary. Sending children to the camp on the sea will cost the children of the privileged categories of the VMMP employees only 5% of the total value of the trip package. UMCC will cover the rest of the expenses.
Thus, 305 children of the employees of the subsidiaries will spend their time at the camps improving their health this year: 60 have already went to camps in winter, 90 will visit Horyzont Health Improvement Center in summer, 90 will attend the Zmina Camp on the shore of the Sea of Azov, 25 children from the privileged category of the families will get their suntan at Holube Polumya Camp on the Sea of Azov, which is located on Arabat Spit and 40 – at Horyzont Camp in Poltava Oblast.
“We realize that going to a resort with the whole family is rather expensive nowadays. Meanwhile, due to the complexity of the miner’s profession, our employees need to restore their energy and health. Moreover, children are what’s most valuable for any parent. That is why the decision was made to support this social area and increase expenses for the improvement of children’s health,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC.
Meanwhile, the summer recreation season for the children of VMMP and IMPP is in full swing. Horyzont Camp, located in Poltava Oblast – the favorite place of the children, is welcoming visitors. The company together with the trade unions of the subsidiaries covers 90% of the costs of the trips. The children are enjoying their time there!
Alina Tanitsyna: “I went to the camp for the first time. There is a swimming pool, a river, contests, trampolines there. I loved it. I found many friends there.”
Kyrylo Ustynov: “I liked the attractions; there are 25 kinds of them. In some, you had to go with your eyes closed, in some you had to shoot and hit the target and in some you had to get married and divorced. I tried almost all of them!”
Mykhailo Moroz: “I will remember these 21 days at the camp for the rest of my life. I am thrilled with the trip to Kremenchuk, to Fly Kids, where there were many different attractions and trampolines. Everybody had a very good time there. Horyzont Camp is a great place and I will come here next year too!”
Ulyana Yeremenko: “I remember we had an interesting event on Ivana Kupala Night with performances by dance groups and group leaders. The impressions from Horyzont are great; I would go there again.”
Kateryna Patsui: “The trip on the ferry was interesting; we saw many turtles and a lot of other interesting things. On a tree we found a nest with a sleeping bird. We had two foreigners in the camp from Turkey and India, who spoke English. We were also told about journalism, blogs, how to present information correctly. I had an interesting and exciting time at the camp. Thank you!