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2019 Rainbow festival took place in Irshansk
2019 Rainbow festival took place in Irshansk


    Creativity festival of children with special needs expanded the circle of its participants and its geography
         On September 20, Rainbow Festival, a charity event, joined the employees of both subsidiaries of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company and the community of Irshansk for the sixteenth time. The money raised by the charity workers, which is nearly UAH 30,000, was spent to create a holiday of creativity and entertainment for the 257 children with special needs from 7 specialized learning institutions in Zhytomyr Oblast. Public Association Irshanskiy Aktyv led by Ruslana Prymasyuk was the co-organizer of the festival and its ideological inspiration.
The children showed their talents on stage and participated in creative groups: Kazkova Palitra, Zroby Sam (DIY), Ihroviy (Games), Sportyvniy (Sports), Beauty Salon, Karaoke, etc. There were 50 volunteers – students of Irshansk learning institutions and adults, helping them.
For the second time, families from Vilnohirsk, this time three with children with special needs, participated in the events. For the first time, Potiyivska Specialized Boarding School joined the festival and touched the hearts of the audience with moving tanks, songs and acts.
The company and the department of Zhytomyr Oblast Administration prepared gifts for the participants of the festival and also a puppet show from one of the sponsors of the event.
The participants of the festival loved the event. The company continues to support it as a manifestation of tolerant attitude towards children with special needs, recognition of their possibilities and talents, raising awareness about the need of their integration into the society.