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Vilnohirsk MMP – the Best Subsoil User of Ukraine
Vilnohirsk MMP – the Best Subsoil User of Ukraine


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, was awarded the first place in the Best Subsoil User of Ukraine contest, organized by The All-Ukrainian Union of Construction Materials Manufacturers, which took place during International MiningWorld Ukraine Exhibition in Zaporizhzhya on October 8-10.
The All-Ukrainian Contest for the Best Mineral Mining and Processing Company (ore, non-ore: break stone, granite, marble, limestone, clay, etc.) was held for the first time within the MiningWorld Ukraine Exhibition, informed Yuriy Yershov, Head of MiningWorld Ukraine project. “Our company, as a regular participant of the exhibition, was invited to participate in the contest,” noted Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of VMMP subsidiary.
All companies in the mining sector and construction materials sector of Ukraine could participate in the contest, provided they submitted documents on time.
Oleksiy Ryabinin informed that the main task of the contest was to create a presentation about the activity of the company in different areas, for example, improvement of the environment in the region, i.e. to specify technical, innovative solutions that the company uses to resolve the problems of pollution of the environment and inflicting harm on the residents of the region, where the company operates.
Also, in the presentation, the company had to present the jury of the contest with an overview of the innovative solutions in the technology of the company aimed at increasing output volumes, level of extraction of useful agent, improving the efficiency of equipment, saving energy and also describing the logistics system, measures of labor and environment protection, which in turn leads to most rational use of subsoil of Ukraine.
For a period of one week, from September 30 until October 7, the commission formed the lists of participants and evaluated them based on all criteria. The commission consisted of Ivan Saliy, President of the All-Ukrainian Union of Construction Materials Manufacturers (chair), Oleh Kyrylyuk, Head of State Geology and Subsoil Service of Ukraine, Oleksandr Bondar, President of the State Ecological Academy, Yuriy Yershov, Head of MiningWorld Ukraine Project, and also heads of industrial enterprises and industry-specific organizations.
VMMP received the highest score and earned the first place among the companies in the mining sector. “This is an honorary title and we are very grateful to the administration of the company and to all those who participated in the project, which allowed us to compete in such a contest and become its winner! This is the credit of the entire staff of the company,” commented Oleksiy Ryabinin.
The high award was presented to the VMMP representatives at the “Subsoil – the driver of economic development of Ukraine” forum, which took place during the exhibition. The award will take a worthy place among all the awards of the subsidiary.