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IMPP launches a new deslimer
IMPP launches a new deslimer


The unit was launched at the upgraded factory of the open pit mine No. 9. It is expected to improve extraction of ilmenite from titanium ores during primary processing
The new deslimer with the capacity of 600 cubic meter, weight of 40 tons, height of 10.5 meters and diameter of 10 m was put into operation November 18, informed Pavlo Vasyanovych, Head of the Service of Chief Processor of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC United Mining and Chemical Company.
Processing specialists at the Irshansk subsidiary expect that the equipment will help reduce the losses of useful component during desliming of new ore, which the plant began to mine at the open pit mine No. 9. It will be possible to estimate how the indicators of ilmenite extraction from titanium ores have improved only after the new equipment is put into operation.
The deslimer performs preliminary processing of materials during the primary processing of minerals. It ensures removal of slurry (mining waste) from pulp and its subsequent concentration. JSC United Mining and Chemical Company has invested over UAH 6 million into this equipment and is expecting quick return of investment.
The fight for improvement of performance of outdated production facilities continues and these are not the last improvements planned by the company at its subsidiary in Irshansk, says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC.
As a reminder, in October 2019, a modernized technological complex was put into operation at the open pit mine No. 9. It performs stripping, mining and processing of ores from the land plots that were allocated by the state in the early 2019. JSC UMCC spent nearly UAH 50 million in investment for modernization of this mining production.
At that moment, the work continues at the rough concentrate factory of the open pit mine No. 9 on connection new Metso pumps. After the pumps are connected, the processing will take place entirely on new equipment. This will make the process of rough concentrate production more cost-effective and productive.