"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | JSC UMCC invested UAH 350 million into upgrading VMMP

JSC UMCC invested UAH 350 million into upgrading VMMP
JSC UMCC invested UAH 350 million into upgrading VMMP


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, implemented 18 investment projects, using these funds. Technical re-equipment helped reduce energy consumption and extract more useful components during processing.
JSC United Mining and Chemical Company began intensively investing into the production facilities of its subsidiary, Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, in 2016. Since then, the plant in Vilnohirsk annually received funding from JSC UMCC for renewal of its fixed assets. Over three years, 18 projects in different divisions of the subsidiary have been financed and implements, with 7 still under way.
Improvement of processing
Mining and transport and processing production units received the majority of the funds. The year 2016 marked the first serious investment for the subsidiary – acquisition of Donaldson cartridge filter for dry dust collection for the processing production at the concentrate milling site. This was primarily an environmental project, as the filter offered a much higher rate of air purification. In addition, it saves process water and electricity; it also increased the output of useful components, which earlier were in the air, by 5%, say processing specialists of the plant. The investment into this project has already returned; moreover, it brought the subsidiary revenues from sales for the amount of UAH 56.4 million.
The next important step towards renewal of the plant was acquisition of Multotec separators and hydrocyclones for the processing production, which was carried out gradually. It was implemented with the purpose of increasing extraction of useful components at different stages of processing. The total amount of investment into Multotec equipment reached UAH 10 million.
Thanks to the implementation of these projects at the processing production, the subsidiary received a new type of commodity – sands of moist grade BC-30 on the molding sands site, which are currently consumed by glass producers, and also increase of the output of kyanite-sillimanite concentrate by 0.67 t per hour and improvement of its quality. In addition, projects involving Multotec equipment helped reduce consumption of natural gas at the plant.
Over the period of 2015-2019, the processing production of the subsidiary implemented many other projects that now help save energy resources and improve the plant’s performance. The most expensive one, however, was the investment into renewal of pulp pipelines and pipelines, which are the arteries that connect the mining and transport production and processing production. As of today, nearly 17 km of metal pipelines were replaced with much more durable polyethylene pipes. The company spent nearly UAH 75 million on this project, although it hasn’t been completed yet, as nearly 25 km of pipes need to be replaced. This investment allow Vilnohirsk plant save the costs of repairs, which, as a rule, required a shutdown of the processing production and are costly. This impacts the performance of the plant overall. That is why the investment into this part of production is very important.
Renewal of special machinery pool
Mining and Transport Production (MTP) is also among the leaders by the volume of investment received by VMMP. In the period of being managed by JSC UMCC, this division of the plant saw substantial renewal of its machinery pool. In 2017-2018, JSC UMCC spent UAH 196 million for the purchase of 10 BELL В60Е 4х4 dump trucks. Thanks to all-wheel drive dump trucks, despite weather conditions, the loading of ore warehouses has stabilized and the volumes of transportation increased substantially. The company spent another UAH 43 million for the purchase of 5 BelAZ-75473 trucks, thus renewing and replenishing the pool of the mining machinery at the plant. Additionally, in 2017-2018, the company purchased 10 loaders of different models for different divisions of the subsidiary for a total of UAH 16.2 million.
“VMMP subsidiary has not seen such significant renewal of assets in the past 20 years,” says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC UMCC. He assures that the investment into the subsidiary will not stop at that. “This is only the beginning that will continue in the following years,” says the head of the company. In 2020, the company plans to invest UAH 270 million into VMMP, of which nearly UAH 113 million will be spend on acquisition of fixed assets.