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VMMP’s investment plans for 2020
VMMP’s investment plans for 2020


Which investment plans will VMPP, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC, be implementing in 2020?
Over the years of management of VMMP and IMPP subsidiaries, JSC UMCC has implemented many projects aimed at the improvement of the quality of products, increase of output and reduction of the cost of goods. The company’s management invests a lot into the upgrade of fixed assets of products and special equipment and machinery, as the competition in the market is stiff and the company needs to maintain its positions in it. That is why, over the recent years, the subsidiaries are fighting for each additional ton of products and their quality. Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer at Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, said in an interview that this trend will continue in 2020.
– Which projects are your planning to implement in 2020 at the mining and transportation production?
– In the nearest future we are planning to implement the project of replacement of the buckets on the bucketwheel of TK-1 complex, which were produced by NKMZ Plant to be suitable for our conditions of use. Transition to such type of the buckets will allow us to increase the volume of stripping to 1 mn cu on average during the year. This is a very interesting project, which we will start in January-February, when TK-1 will be shut down for major winter overhaul. At the same time, we will also replace the control systems of conveyer transport and excavator at TK-1 with the new Czech system DIAMO. So, factually, we will replace electric chains that allow to turn on and shut down the complex.
– Will the technological scheme of additional sand refinement be introduced at the molding sand section?
– Yes, implementation of this project is one of the most complex technological moments. We will apply big technological scheme that has already been developed and approved. Approximately at the start of Q2 2020, we will begin implementation of this project. It involves installation of a whole scheme of blocks of spiral separators Multotec, which will allow us to increase output of all grades of sands, and most importantly – to achieve the new level of quality of BC-30 grade sand and increase its output volumes. This is a major project that will provide us with a possibility to additionally refine stream tailings of the processing production.
– Water is a very important element for optimal operation of our plant. What actions are planned to improve recycling water supply?
– In 2020, we are planning to implement a project to create a cascade of lakes for clarification of the recycling water supply. It includes formation and commissioning of a new tank C-5 (SEVER-5), which will allow us to remove particles of clay and receive clear water for the cycle of recycling water supply through cascading flow of contaminated water produced during the processing at the processing production. This year, we also plan to start forming tank C-6. It will be the next tank, which will most likely be commissioned in the end of 2020 – middle of 2021. Thanks to creation of such cascade of lakes, mechanical deposition of the clay component will be carried out, as well as purification of the recycling water supply with return of pure water to the processing.
– Do you plan other upgrades and modernization at the processing production?
– Yes. Firstly, we would like to complete automation of dispatch of the rolling stock. Two bunker batchers have already been purchased and installed and in total we want six of them. These automatic scales will fully cover dispatch of ilmenite concentrate and we will switch to automated dispatch system. The project is expensive, but has a quick investment return period, and it provides good results. Secondly, there will also be smaller projects. For example, selective changes to technological operations, which, we believe, should lead to increase of output volumes and should reduce production costs, are planned for 2020.
– Do you expect UMCC will purchase more new vehicles for the subsidiary?
According to our information, in 2020, the company will continue to write off outdated machinery and put into operation new vehicles. We already have new Mitsubishi pickup trucks being put to work at the subsidiary and we expect a supply of buses for transportation of our personnel and also a number of other new vehicles.
– Which projects will be implemented at the central plant’s laboratory?
This year, we are planning a major upgrade of the CPL’s equipment, which will take our laboratory to the new level. The new equipment has already been paid for by the company and is currently being manufactured by the world’s top producers of equipment. It will help us reduce the time required for testing, speed up issuance of quality certificates for the products and also put the CPL to an entirely new, higher level.
The chief engineer also said that in addition to the projects that he discussed, related to the production equipment and car fleet, the implementation of the major project of transferring all subdivisions of the plant to LED lamps will continue. Its implementation will improve lighting of production units and help reduce energy expenses, which will improve the overall performance indicators of the plant.