"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Walking excavator No. 144 back in operation at IMPP

Walking excavator No. 144 back in operation at IMPP
Walking excavator No. 144 back in operation at IMPP


Walking excavator EK 10/60 No. 144 was put back into operation developing a new mining area at the open pit mine No. 7 following a major overhaul. It became the first repaired excavator at the company in 2020.
JSC United Mining and Chemical Company allocated nearly UAH 800,000 for the maintenance and repair of the walking excavator of this model. The repair lasted for 47 days and was completed on February 7, 2020. It was performed by the special unit – technological equipment repair unit of the Mechanical Repair Workshop (MRW) of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of JSC UMCC.
The repaired EK 10/60 No. 144 operates on the new area of the open pit mine No. 7. The annual volume of exploration work (mining of industrial sands) will amount to 70,000-75,000 cubic meters. This walking excavator will be involved also in re-excavation of sands and mining and technical construction. The total volume of all works is 100,000-130,000 cu m of rocks.
As of today, two more walking excavators are involved in the mining of titanium ores at the open pit mine No. 7 – EK 10/70 No. 287 and EK 11/70 No. 50. They perform mining and preparatory work – the so-called stripping of the rock, re-excavation of sands and other types of work. Every walking excavator processes 200,000-230,000 cu m of rock every month.
According to the annual plan-schedule of planned preventive repairs of equipment of the Department of Chief Mechanic for 2020, the following major overhauls will be performed: March 2020 – EK 10/60 No. 110 (open pit mine No. 8); April 2020 – EK 10/60 No. 90 (open pit mine No. 8).
Based on the results of 2019, Irshansk MPP subsidiary repaired seven walking excavators. The cost of works amounted to UAH 12.8 million.