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Upgraded equipment for Vilnohirsk laboratory
Upgraded equipment for Vilnohirsk laboratory


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant have got Avio-200, a US-made spectrometer of new generation, for the central plant’s laboratory (CPL). The capital investment into the new equipment exceeded UAH 2 million.
Ihor Mazniy, Head of the CPL, stressed that the spectrometer is an important and necessary equipment for determination of small quantities of elements containing in ore, the raw materials. The new piece of equipment will help reduce the time required for the analysis. Specifically, the time required for analysis will be reduced twice compared to chemical analysis, and, in some cases, even more. Also, the precision of the results will improve, as the spectrometer performs a more detailed analysis, particularly in very low content of elements. For example, when the content of zircon in the tailings is less than 0.005%, the chemical analysis does not show it, while the spectrometer will show even if the content is even lower than that.
At the VMMP, Avio-200 spectrometer will be used for the analysis of finished products – to determine the content of phosphorus, sulfur, of rutile – to determine vanadium, niobium impurities, in titanium ores – chromium, in zircon – cerium and other low-content elements. Also, it will be used for drinking water analysis, which is currently being carried out by the CPL under the contract with Dnipropetrovsk SES. Anything that can be made into a solution can be analyzed by this equipment.
As of now, the engineers and head of the CPL are taking training to learn how to use the spectrometer. A specialist, an employee of the manufacturer, comes to the plant to carry out the training and explain the principles of operation of the spectrometer.
“Right now, we are only taking the first steps in this and we are doing quite well. We have already performed the analysis of ilmenite, rutile, quartz sand, tailings,” tells Ihor Mazniy. 
Once the engineers master the operation of the spectrometer, they will train laboratory assistance of every shift.