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On April 10, the Central Town’s Hospital received medical supplies purchased for the treatment of the coronavirus infection. Antibiotics, antiviral medications and other medical supplies were purchased by the management and trade union committee of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant and Oleh Kryshyn, Chair of the Supervisory Board of Sklyaniy Alyans LLC, with their own funds. 
Oleksandr Prokopenko, Director of VMMP, says that “unofficial headquarters for fighting the spread of coronavirus” has been formed in Vilnohirsk. It consists of the heads of the subsidiary and the trade union of miners and metallurgists of VMMP, Oleh Kryshyn, Fedir Tkachman, Oleksandr Laznikov, town mayor, town council, heads of police and emergency service, and also concerned citizens, who are ready to dedicated their time, provide their own funds to help the town and the hospital to fight coronavirus. “The doctors are the ones bearing the main weight during the pandemic and they need our support. That is why today, the team of the plant, our trade union of miners and metallurgists together with Oleh Kryshyn, are providing the hospital with 280 kg of protocol medical kits for the treatment of complications caused by coronavirus,” informed Oleksandr Prokopenko. VMMP Director called on all Vilnohirsk residents to observe all quarantine measures and wished them to stay healthy.
“Together, we are strong,” said Fedir Klymenko, Head of the Trade Union Committee. “In this difficult time, I ask everybody to be self-disciplined, and listen to doctors’ recommendations. I wish everybody strong health and that we keep this disease away from us.”
Natalia Shkurovska, Acting Director of Municipal Enterprise “Vilnohirsk Central Town’s Hospital”, informed that the hospital received the kits with antibiotics of latest generation that can be used to treat complications from coronavirus infection in case such patients arrive to the in-hospital ward of the central town’s hospital. Also, the hospital received infusion solutions for relieving intoxication syndrome among the patients of this category, preparations for symptomatic therapy and other medical supplies.
I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the management of Vilnohirsk MMP and Oleh Kryshyn, Chair of the Supervisory Board of Sklyaniy Alyans LLC, for purchasing the medical supplies that our hospital was in dire need for,” said Natalia Shkurovska.
The healthcare system in our country is going through some hard times, which is why any help to our doctors is crucial. Also, every resident of our town can help medical workers, if not financially, then at least by observing the conditions of the quarantine.