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VMMP continues the pipe replacement project
VMMP continues the pipe replacement project


A new section of the hydrotransport is being upgraded at the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant. It will become a new artery at the hydrotransport and tailings section. 
To lay five kilometers of pipes, using UAH 7 million in investment, not counting the labor costs – that is the goal that was set by the management of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant this spring, continuing the project launched by JSC United Mining and Chemical Company in 2016.
Oleksandr Yakubovskiy, Chief of the Hydrotransport Section at VMMP, informed that the work on replacement of the pipes has already begun at the dike of the Bozhenarivka valley. Repair and Maintenance Unit crews are involved in the disassembly and installation of pipes. They use the vehicles of the MTU. Several specially trained experts of polyethylene soldering from the processing production have been temporarily transferred to the RMU for the period of duration of this work.
As a reminder, it was decided to replace worn metal pipes of the hydrotransport with polyethylene pipes, as the pipe bursts started to occur more frequently, which diverted labor and financial resources to deal with the problems. The company spent a lot of money on emergency repairs, while idle time of the processing production due to these breakdowns had a negative impact on the overall performance indicators of the subsidiary.
VMPP specialists convinced the company’s management that this issue could be resolved by replacing metal pipes with polyethylene ones, which can extend service life of the pulp lines by decades. This kind of experience has proven its worth in the mining industry. That is why the company continues to invest in this project every year and is increasing the rate of its implements, as seen on Picture 1.
Background info
JSC UMCC launched the project on replacement of metal pipelines with polyethylene ones in 2016. The project envisaged replacement of 36 km of pipes. As of today, the project has been implemented by nearly 50% with 16 km of the pipes replaced. Over UAH 66 million has been spent so far. It is expected that the subsidiary will save substantially on continuous operation of this section, following completion of the project.