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Hitachі to provide stable loading and discharge operations at IMPP
Hitachі to provide stable loading and discharge operations at IMPP


Recently, the transport and technology workshop of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant received HITACHI ZW310-5A loader, manufactured by the namesake Japanese company Hitachi, one of the world’s largest corporations. The investment into the new loader amounted to nearly UAH 7 million (VAT included). 
“The new loader will help improve performance of the production and optimize the operation of the loaders fleet, as Irshansk subsidiary did not produce construction sand in the past. Therefore, the new investment allowed to distribute the load among the new vehicles,” says Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP.
Vitaliy Andriychuk, Chief of TTW, is satisfied with the new piece of machinery, which his production subdivision received. Hitachi will be used at the loading/unloading base of the plant. “The loader will move 450-500 t of ilmenite concentrate per shift,” says Andriychuk. The new loader will be operated by experienced drivers of the subdivision Oleksandr Zainchukivskiy and Valeriy Syroviy. They passed a corresponding trial, operating the first Japanese-made loader, which the company purchased in the end of 2018. Vitaliy Andriychuk pointed that the comfortable cab bears a great significance for the work of the driver. It is equipped with an air conditioner, which protects the cab from dust during operation in the hangar room of the base.
Rostyslav Kozak, Chief of the Loading/Unloading base informed that the new transport unit will provide for timely and uninterrupted loading of ilmenite to be sent to the client. Hitachi will also be used in other important work.
Noteworthy, compared with the first loader, which the TTW received in November 2018, the recently purchased HITACHI ZW310-5A has better technical specifications, both in terms of the type of the engine and the type of the bucket.
HITACHI ZW310-5A specifications
  1. Engine 
Engine module – Cummins QSV11: diesel, four-cycle with liquid cooling and direct injection system; maximum power -–239.0 kW or 320 hp; 6 cylinders; displacement – 10.82 l.
Operating weight – 23,130 kg.
Dimensions: transport  length (with the bucket) – 8,790 mm; bucket width – 3,100 mm; transport height – 3,470 mm.
Operating transport height – 6,100 mm
Maximum travel speed – 34.7 km/h
  1. Bucket
  • Type. General purpose bucket, with bolting of the cutting edge blades,
  • Capacity – 4.0 m3;
  • Maximum discharge height – 3.095 mm;
  • Statistical load discharge – 17,090 kg (direct), 14910 kg (at full turn at 37 degrees).
As a reminder, in November 2018, JSC UMCC purchased HITACHI ZW310-5B front loader worth UAH 5.4 million. Starting from April 2020, the new vehicle has been operating, loading construction sand, the production of which the company started in the end of 2019.