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Double holiday for children
Double holiday for children


There were a festive awarding of winners and participants of “Labour protection through child’s eyes” competition of child’s drawing on June 03 in “Metallurgist” palace of culture and sport. This competition was run under the guidance of “VMMP” branch of SE”UMCC” and trade-union committee of the plant. The event was arranged by work safety service of VMMP and adults and children section of trade union committee. There were a lot of different aged cheerful children and not less cheerful and proud of their talented children parents in the hall.
The chief of labor protection service of VMMP V.G.Drozd gave a festive opening speech to an audience. Vladimir said that this year a record amount of drawings – 54, was given to a competition. Among winners of the competition are drawings reflecting child’s individual perception of a serious theme of labor protection. V.G.Drozd noted that often children’s drawings say to adults about labor protection and industrial safety much more eloquently than official instructions, because if child says “Mammy and daddy, please take care!”, parents become more careful and thoughtful definitely.
A chairman of a trade union committee section working with women and children I.V.Andrienko thanked children and their parents for active participation in the competition, efforts and creative approach. She also noted that trade union committee and section working with women and children decided to encourage all participants without exception. Coming to an end Irina wished for children new achievements and wins in future.
After pleasant wishes and greetings there was even more pleasant and honorific ceremony of records and sweet prizes distribution.
Coevals of young winners and participants – members of Oleg Yaroshenko pop vocal school, presented their music gifts at the event.
After the end of the festive event children had their pictures taken, exchanged impressions and gave first in their life interview:
Diana Soldatenko (1st place in 5 – 10 years age category): - The name of my drawing is “A safety sun”. I like to take part in a competition, and I will participate else in the future. I enjoyed participation today as there were prizes and nice songs.
Lyubov Pidyash (2nd place in 10-14 years age category): - I took part in this competition a lot of times. This year I like rewarding ceremony very much because we can see all participants very well when prizes are gifted. It is much more interesting than in the previous years, particularly in spite of prizes gifting there were also good musical arts.