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SE “UMCC” improved packaging quality


Trying to satisfy customers’ requests, State Enterprise “United Mining and Chemical Company” changed packaging for its products. “We reduced sizes of big bags and pallets, having brought them closer to international standards. We improved also quality of packaging material. This made working with products of SE “UMCC” easier for our customers”, - said in Sales and Marketing Department of “United Mining and Chemical Company”.
Clients are pleased with improvements. They say that it became much convenient to work with products of SE “UMCC”. As a result interest of the foreign customers to products of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant (VMMP) goes up. Particularly, it is from the side of Korean companies and Lincoln Electric companies.
Packaging issues were not reconsidered at SE “UMCC” plants for the last 20 years. Nowadays competition between producers of titanium minerals at international market is much stronger. Improvement of the packaging let branches of SE “UMCC” to increase their competitiveness at the international market.