"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC fulfill obligations owed to budgets and workers

UMCC fulfill obligations owed to budgets and workers


A meeting between management of a State enterprise “United Mining and Chemical Company” and a minister Ayvaras Abromavychus took place on June 26 at Ministry of economic development and trade. Mr. Ayvaras heads a management structure of UMCC. Also there was a member of parliament Pavel Ryasanenko at the meeting. Verkhovna Rada’s special commission for privatization authorized him to control state enterprises of mining sector of Ukraine.
Advisers listened about state of affairs at UMCC, its production and financial results for the first half of the year 2015.  UMCC proved itself to be a sustainable enterprise which fulfills all obligations owed to workers and different level budgets in spite of a difficult economic situation in the country. Particularly, for the period of January – June of the year 2015 the company paid taxes and other obligatory payments amounting to UAH 144,4 mln.
UMCC fulfill all social obligations to its workers in earnest, notes Deputy General Director Alexandr Gladushko. “In fact, in the first half of the year, growth of the average wage at our plants is about 15%”, - he says.
Commenting a meeting at the Ministry, Alexandr Gladushko noted, that it was in the spirit of a constructive dialogue. Following the results of the meeting, managers of UMCC were authorized to develop a strategy for further work of the company in the course of the planned integration of titanium assets of Ukraine.
Taking into account these plans, the enterprise will select an auditor in July. “Audit company will be selected transparently. We are going to outsource one of the leading world companies for checking”, - informs Alexandr Gladushko.