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Irshansk welcomes artists


Irshansk landscapes inspired modern creative artists! Exhibition of talented artists will took place in Irshansk since July 5 till July 19 as part of the international symposium of modern art “Biryuchiy”. It is supported by management of a branch “IMPP” of SE “UMCC”.
Intention of a local management to develop a cultural life of Irshansk and integrate it into a national art met willingness of “Biryuchiy” organizers to extend a geographic reach and promote cultural processes in a country. It was a background for a project “Irshansk. Recreation”.
Such leading artists as Zhanna Kadyrova, Oleg Tistol, Andrey Zelinskiy, Sergey Bratkov, Alina Yakubenko, Alexey Sayt and others come to the village in order to work with a local environment, context and material during two weeks and make a contribution to a local cultural environment by means of pictorial art, monumental paintings, sculptural art, installations. Display area for most of the art objects will be a territory of IMPP health and recreation center.
All passionate are invited to visit Irshansk art exhibition. Hope, that this project will open new opportunities for every participant of the event. Initiative of Irshansk could set the pattern for other Ukrainian small towns, big cities and even regions.
Administration of  IMPP branch.