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Power island is the territory of experts
Power island is the territory of experts


Power island is the territory of experts. Thanks to well coordinated team work of the power department, Vilnohirsk MMP bore the test of frosts and snows in December 2014 – January 2015.
The main tasks of the power island are: uninterrupted power and natural gas distribution to the plant subdivisions, maintenance and adjusting of the electrical equipment and transport. The workers of department serve more than 35 km of overhead power transmission lines of 35 kV and 6 kV; approximately 70 km of underground power lines; mare than 40 transformer substations, 8 portable substations of 35/6 kV; and also about 7 km of outside lighting electric lines and more than 200 lamps of external lighting.
Apart of this there are 1736 m of underground and land gas-pipe lines of middle pressure, 1 gas distribution station, 4 gas distribution substations, 5 gas distributing units, 6 modular boilers, and 10 furnaces. The workers of subdivision give the best of themselves to keep this electrical equipment in a working condition. As it was noted by an assistant of the department chairman Vladimir Shkrobot, there were no any serious malfunctions of electrical equipment and distribution facilities recently. The plant was provided by electricity, gas and warm without any fail.
Vladimir Shkrobot says that department made a lot of works to prepare subdivision for cold weather operation:
  • Maintenance and revision of portable substations electrical equipment  35/6 kV;
  • Maintenance and revision of outdoor switch gear-35 kV electrical equipment;
  • Maintenance and revision of the outside lighting electrical equipment;
  • Maintenance support of water heating units of modular boilers в„–1 –6.
To assure trouble-free operation of equipment and switch devices during winter, maintenance and revision of electrical heaters at indoor switch gear-6 kV of the portable substations 35/6 kV, ISG/6 kV and SCB were provided. Also there were done approach roads and territory accomplishment of the modular portable boilers, that allows provide high quality MRO whatever the weather.
It would be not possible to carry out such amount of works without administrative personnel assistance as well as dedicated co-operation of all power island staff.
The main tasks for the year 2015 are: providing fault-free and safety operation of power, heat and gas supply and providing electrical equipment quality maintenance.
I am sure that, having so good specialists working in our power department, we will carry out all assign tasks.