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Production program 2014 - carried out
Production program 2014 - carried out


Production program 2014 is carried out. Production and technical department of the plant summed up the results of carrying out the production program by subdivisions of VMMP.
The chairman of VMMP PTD V. Vasilenko informed that plan targets of the previous year last month and yearlong production program 2014 were carried out comprehensively. “The last year was difficult and controversial for Vilnohirsk MMP, - but, in spite of a volatile economic environment, military operation at the east of our country, unfavorable weather conditions, breakdown of the mining technique, maintenance of processing equipment, work in conditions of energy-consumption constraint and other objective and subjective difficulties the workers of subdivision during the year were confronted with, - MMP ended the year with a positive trend.
In December carrying out by MTP the plan targets of stripping operations, ores extraction, transportations of mined rock amounts to 100 %. Processing production produced to a plan: 100,4 % of zircon concentrate, 101,8 % of rutile concentrate, 107,7 % of ilmenite concentrate. Consumption of fuel and energy resources in December 2014 is reflected by the following data: electrical energy – 99,2 %, natural gas – 94,6 %, diesel fuel – 89 %, petrol – 97 %”.
Vladimir Pavlovich also said that from the beginning of the year 2014 stripping works and ore sands mining were done to the plan by mining production MTP amount to 100 %. Carrying out the plan targets of mined rock transportation by trucks also amounts 100 %. Plan of ore sands processing is exceeded on 0,6 %.
Carrying out the planed indicators of products manufacturing by processing production for the past year consists: zircon concentrate – 100,9 %, rutile concentrate – 101,4 %, ilmenite concentrate – 102,5 %, zircon flour – 101,1 %, kyanite-sillimanite flour – 103,4 %. The plant consumed for the volume of performed works: electrical energy – 99,5 %, natural gas – 96,9 %, Diesel fuel – 93,9 %, petrol – 91,8 %.