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Maintenance of mining technique – guarantee of an effective plant’s work
Maintenance of mining technique – guarantee of an effective plant’s work


In the last year technological complex №1 was emergency stopped at  mining production of MTP, and technological complex №2 was stopped at the beginning of the January this year in the period of temperature drop for repairing works. A chief mechanic of the plant (acting a chief engineer) A. Prokopenko informed about the reasons of complexes stop, their maintenance and starting time:
A rotary mechanical shovel ERSHR-1600 was stopped on 6th of January for preventive maintenance because of icing up of ground with following bucketwheel locking. Slight injuries in a rotor device were detected during inspection.
After scouring of the bucketwheel, shell of the rotor with warm water, a revision of the rotor units – open gear pair, was done. Maintenance works – revision of the rotor device, gears correcting – were done by the forces of mining and transport processing. Replacement parts are produced by the specialists of the area №3 of MMD. After start-up work, the technological complex №2 was made start to work.
Emergency stop of the rotary mechanical shovel KU-800 was happened because of a rotor shaft breakdown. To be repaired the shovel was placed at the specially prepared maintenance bay, located between ore zones.
Disassembling of a rotor device, as well as other units subject to current maintenance was started on 5th of January. Maintenance will be done at the same time with rotor shaft replacement in order to reduce downtime of the stripping complex, In December was done advanced payment to Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant for shaft production. Documents were submitted and competitive biddings of work material – bronze bearings, spherical bearings of the rotor shell are already hold. Advanced payment for rotor shell rolling bearings is also already done.
So, at this moment all replacement parts for maintenance of the rotor device are bought. After disassembling the rotor devices will be delivered to the area №3 of MMD for further separation and defect identification. If necessary there will be done preventive maintenance.