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Teaching of the staff – investment for future
Teaching of the staff – investment for future


Enterprises paying due attention to teaching of the staff acquire a fortune. One of them is VMMP. For more than 52 years there has been existing an effective system of personnel training and development. This system duly proved its value during these years. Not one staff generation of plant subdivisions improved their qualification and got related profession at the plant personnel development department.
The level of the personnel training can be judged by the progress at this subdivision in 2014. The chief of the personnel development department, A.N. Povstyanko, informed us that during the year 2014: 1434 workers were retrained (got a new profession); 443 workers improved their qualification (took training course for upgrading); 1389 workers took a definitive training course (learned new equipment, materials, production process, design and safety operation of facilities).
Apart from training at PDD, department specialists arranged further vocational training at exterior education centers. Thus, in the year 2014 279 workers of VMMP took the parts in seminars and conferences related the main activity of the plant, where the dominant part is fire protection and labor safety trainings.
A.N. Povstyanko noted also that beginning of the year 2015 was marked by an increased activity of VMMP structural subdivisions. Among others a lot of claims are got from MTP, PP, MMD, FO, WSD, PD and others. At this moment, according to these claims, 10 kinds of trainings are hold by group method. It is noticeably that number of claims is increasing. In general, in compliance with planned tasks and claims received from departments, in this year at PDD 1150 workers will be retrained, 420 workers will improve their qualification, 1000 workers will take a definitive training course.
PDD specialists give the best of themselves to provide the plant with trained workers and thus satisfy objectives of administrative personnel.