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Donaldson saved VMMP a million hryvnia
Donaldson saved VMMP a million hryvnia


The decision to invest into powder production at VMMP made by UMCC management have proved to be economically justified.
Donaldson cartridge filter, installed in last August at zircon grinding section of jet mill No. 6 has returned investments over and above, informed Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant.
“Over six months of its operation, Donaldson filter that operates at one of the zircon grinding mills has shown an excellent result. Over 3.5 months, it fully returned expenses for its purchase (over UAH 600,000), saving the company over UAH 1 over the period of its work,” said VMMP Director Andriy Storchak.
In particular, installation of such filter, thanks to ‘dry’ capturing allowed the company to fully abandon consumption of technical water and natural gas in this section of production. Also, electricity consumption was substantially reduce, tells Storchak.
The grinding extraction rate increased by 5.05% and practically reached 100%, which substantially improved the environment of this section of production.
Specialists of the processing plant note that with continuous operation of the mill the pay-off period of this filter is reduced to merely 20 days.
“This is the second filter installed since 2015 at the concentrate grinding section that economically justifies investments into its purchase. It not only reduces dust exhausts, but also saves energy resources and improves extraction. Installation of such equipment allows to remove a whole complex of run-down equipment from the technological scheme. In conditions of growing demand for powder concentrates this investment is quite expedient, as it allows to improve the economy of this production – reduce production costs of products with full capacity load,” comments Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Gladushko.
The company plans to consider purchase of these filters also for the sections of kyanite-sillimanite and rutile concentrates grinding, he said. Demand for such powders grew significantly last year, which allowed VMMP considerably increase products' output. Ceramics manufacturers – tile and bath and toilet equipment – are showing high demand for powder zircon.