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Salaries to increase 10% in April
Salaries to increase 10% in April


Starting from April 1, all employees of PJSC UMCC subsidiaries will receive a 10% raise to their salaries and base rates; also other allowances to the salaries will increase. Corresponding decision was initiated by the company’s administration and unanimously approved by the board.
“In view of the difficult economic situation in the country and growing inflation, the company’s management decided to support its employees by giving them a raise. We hope that this kind of support will serve as a good motivation for our employees,” commented Acting Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Gladushko.
As a result of the raise, the payroll at the plants will increase UAH 11 mn from April till June and by UAH 33 mn by the end of the year.
Increase of salaries over this period will amount to UAH 7.7 mn at Vilnohirsk MMP and UAH 3.3 mn at Irshansk MPP respectively.
The company's management also considered other incentives for the plants' employees, in particular, one-time bonus to the employees of mining and transport department of VMMP for over-fulfillment of the plan on mining work No. 1 of the stripping complexes at the open pit mine No. 7. As it was earlier reported, the subsidiary is planning to substantially increase ores output this year.
The company's management also decided to support their employees' desire for healthy lifestyle and motivate those who do not use sick days throughout the year. Such employees will receive a bonus in the end of the year in the amount of 0.5 of their salary (base rate). Corresponding provisions will be drawn up by the subsidiaries and reviewed at the board's meeting.
“This year, we have a lot to do. The volumes of stripping works at VMMP will be close to historic highs. Re-orientation of IMPP products to export and growing demand for Irshansk ilmenite demands serious mobilization of labor resources. The company’s management has such possibilities and will additionally motivate its employees,” says Gladushko.