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Grundfos converters improve production efficiency at IMPP
Grundfos converters improve production efficiency at IMPP


PJSC UMCC's subsidiaries continue to implement energy saving projects to reduce production costs. In particular, IMPP purchased and installed Grundfos frequency converters.
High rent for use of water resources Irshansk subsidiary pays to provide water for production needs of the processing plant No. 3, industrial section, open pit mines No. 7 and No. 8, population of villages Nova Borova and Irshansk on the one hand and increase of tariffs for electricity on the other forced the subsidiary's management to revise and reduce volumes of water and energy consumption in production.
In the view of this, the company's management together with the subsidiary's administration made a decision to change the scheme of distribution of pure and technical water at the processing plant No. 3 and revise the demand for water supplies to users of the so-called Irshansk branch of the water pipe.
In October 2016, reconstruction at the pumping station of the 1st step of the water pipe overseen by chief energy specialist’s department of the subsidiary was completed. Thanks to financing of PJSC UMCC and well-coordinated and quality work of the specialists of electric and technical laboratory of Instrumentation and Controls and employees of the processing plant No. 3 (the facility is on its balance), pumping units with Gundfos frequency converters NK 125-315 were installed. Overall, four converters costing nearly UAH 1 mn were installed. These units allow to control volumes of water supply with optimal energy consumption.
The total cost of the pumping station's reconstruction exceeded UAH 1.5 mn. According to preliminary calculations, the reconstruction should pay off in 4 months.
In the near future, IMPP is planning to introduce a system of automatic capacity control of pumping units, depending on fluctuations in water consumption by the Irshansk municipal enterprise that regulates the operation of the Nova Borova-Irshansk water pipe.
“Effective development of the company of this level is impossible without balance and minimized consumption of raw material and energy resources. The company will continue to stay on course of adopting less energy-intensive technologies,” comments PJSC UMCC Acting Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Gladushko.