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PJSC UMCC adopts electronic document management
PJSC UMCC adopts electronic document management


The company is planning to complete transition to electronic document management this year, according to a decision approved by the UMCC board of directors. The investments into optimization of business processes will exceed UAH 300,000.
“Our company was among the first ones in the government sector to transfer to e-system of public procurements Prozorro. We decided to continue to advance further in the issues of improving the efficiency of the company’s operation to fully meet the international standards of management,” comments PJSC UMCC Acting Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Gladushko.
It is expected that the electronic document management system will  substantially speed up the business processes in the company, specifically shorten the time between approval of the decision and their execution.
This is particularly relevant for supplying production facilities at the subsidiaries with raw materials and also for product sales. At the moment, the process of drafting and approval of documents at the subsidiaries can take up to two weeks. As a result of introduction of EDM system, it could be reduced to several days. The system will allow every manager to see at which stage of execution the decision or document is and which employee is working with it at the moment.
“We expect EDM system will not only rid us from paper routine and red tape in terms of approval and execution of important decisions. It will also take us to a completely new level of control over the operation of the subdivisions.
Electronic document circulation will raise the level of responsibility of key employees for their areas of work. We are hoping that it will also speed up communication between the key subdivisions and departments of the company. This will generally improve management efficiency of the company and loyalty of suppliers and contractors,” says Gladushko.
Introduction of EDM system at PJSC UMCC began early this year. At the moment, all incoming documents are processed electronically and the work on outgoing and internal documents has also begun. The system is not cheap and there are certain difficulties with its introduction, but UMCC expect the system to become fully operational already this year.