"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | PJSC UMCC paid 2.4 times more taxes in Q1 2017

PJSC UMCC paid 2.4 times more taxes in Q1 2017
PJSC UMCC paid 2.4 times more taxes in Q1 2017


In January-March 2017, PJSC UMCC paid UAH 151.806 mn in taxes, which is 2.4 times higher than in January-March 2016 – UAH 63.962 mn.
Specifically, over the reported period the company paid 3.2 times more taxes and mandatory fees to the national budget – UAH 126.165 mn against UAH 39.271 mn over the same period last year. Taxes paid to the local budgets in Q1 2017 totaled UAH 25.6441 mn against UAH 24.691 mn.
The company also substantially increased its payroll – from UAH 75.4 mn in Q1 2016 to UAH 87.3 mn in Q1 2017.
“We understand that the country needs support in the time of difficult trials Ukraine is going through due to the combat actions in ATO zone in Donbas. In addition, the country has chosen a course towards renewal and European integration. And the role of state-owned enterprises in support economic changes is of paramount importance. That is why we are trying to become leaders of reforming companies in the public sector and realize the contribution the company must make to support our citizens.
For these reasons, our company remains consistent in its social policy and responsibility to the national and local budgets and, first of all, to its own employees for the third year straight. That is why we observe the trend of salaries of employees raise and tax payments increase, comments PJSC UMCC Acting Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Gladushko.
As a reminder, the company was ranked among TOP 100 Taxpayers of Ukraine and TOP 10 in the Mining Industry in 2015 and 2015, according to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
“In 2017, PJSC UMCC intends to follow the chosen course and maintain the image of a major employer and responsible taxpayer that substantially contributes to the Ukraine’s budgets of all levels,” confirmed Gladushko.