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Vyshyvanka Day. Unity in traditions
Vyshyvanka Day. Unity in traditions


On May 18, Ukrainians celebrated the International Vyshyvanka Day called to attract attention of the people to the traditional Ukrainian cultures and wearing of the ethnic embroidered clothing. The employees of PJSC UMCC, supporting the national traditions, came to work in embroidered clothes.
Ukraine has always been, is and will be a country rich for folk art and vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) is the most important and charismatic asset of the Ukrainian people. Since the old times, an embroidered shirt carried out the function not only of traditional clothing, but also a protective amulet against the bad and evil. It was believed that embroidery on the chest protects a person’s soul from grief, despair and death. Embroidery on the shoulders, especially of men’s clothes, gives strengths and helps protect against enemies. Nowadays, vyshyvanka has a special significance in many spheres of people’s lives and became a way to express national unity and patriotism of the Ukrainian people.
Early in the morning, some employees of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant came to work in embroidered clothes. Some wore vyshyvanka they bought, some – embroidered by them, their mother or grandmother. Unfortunately, the chilly morning prevented from seeing the beauty of vyshyvanka wore under warmer clothes. Later, the colleagues could appreciate the richness and attractiveness of the embroidered shirts. Nonetheless, the camera did capture the beauty of vyshyvankas.
On this day, a flash mob was organized with participation of administration, employees of the plant and managers and participants of art groups of Culture and Sport Palace on the square in front of the Metalurh Culture and Sport Palace. Nearly 2000 participants of the flash mob formed a live map of Ukraine.
At the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, the richness of the Ukrainian culture was treated with the same respect and employees also came to work wearing vyshyvankas. Stately men in embroidered shirts and beautiful women and youth created festive mood for their colleagues. To remember the holiday, IMPP made photos as well. Within the framework of the Vyshyvanka Day, an exhibition of vyshyvanka and folk art was held at the Irshansk Educational Complex ‘Preschool Gymnasium’.
We can only hope that next year even more employees of the company will join the celebration on the Vyshyvanka Day, as vyshyvanka is our pride, symbol of beauty and diversity of our nation.