"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Irshansk hosted a friendly sporting event of PJSC UMCC

Irshansk hosted a friendly sporting event of PJSC UMCC
Irshansk hosted a friendly sporting event of PJSC UMCC


Friendly sporting event between subsidiaries VMMP, IMPP and PJSC UMCC headquarters took place in Irshansk on May 26-27.
VMMP’s administration together with the plant’s trade union committee allocated funds for purchasing the equipment, football team’s uniforms, T-shirts and caps with the company logo for all participants of the competition and also provided transportation for Vilnohirsk athletes.
Irshansk, as always, heartily welcomed athletes from Vilnohirsk and Kyiv at the local health and recreation center, where the sporting event took place.
In the morning of the first day, there was a draw for the events and at 12:00 pm the opening ceremony was held. PJSC UMCC Acting Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Gladushko, speaking to the participants of the competition, stressed: “The word ‘united’ is one of the key words in the name of our company. And I believe that the sporting events unite the team, unite the hearts and souls of the employees. To be more specific, in our case, they are team competitions. That is why I congratulate you all on the start of the united, fun and, I think, productive sporting events. I wish you all success and let the strongest win!”
IMPP Director Viktor Sivchenko and VMMP Deputy Director for General Issues Natalya Hahloyeva also gave their warm welcome to the athletes and VMMP Trade Union Committee Chair Fedir Klymenko gave presents to the hosts and wished success to all teams.
The athletes began the sporting event with table tennis tournament. Kyiv and Irshansk teams kicked off the tournament, followed by Irshansk and Vilnohirsk and then Vilnohirsk and Kyiv. In this sport, Irshansk lost to both rivals, while the third game between Vilnohirsk and Kyiv, both teams being equally strong, was the toughest and most exciting one. None wanted to lose and the teams reached the doubles game with a draw. Vilnohirsk won the doubles and won the tournament.
The competition continued with basketball. In the final game, Kyiv lost to Irshansk in a close battle 21:24 and placed second. In billiards, Vilnohirsk confidently placed first, while in darts Kyiv celebrated the victory with Irshansk in the second and Vilnohirsk in the third place. The first day of the event ended with a spectacular 4x50 swimming relay, with four members of each team competing. Vilnohirsk swimmers celebrated victory with Irshansk in the second and Kyiv in the third place.
The second day of the event opened with a football game between Irshansk and Vilnohirsk. Mini-football became the most exciting event of the tournament. The players said they loved the support of the fans and that probably it was what inspired them for such interesting games. Vilnohirsk celebrated victory in this discipline as well with the score of 8:4.
Nonetheless, VMMP’s volleyball team failed to resist the professional pressure of the Irshansk team placing second, while gaining their advantage back and winning the kettlebell lifting. Tug-of-war was the last discipline at the sporting event. The strongmen of Irshansk won it with VMMP’s team second and Kyiv – third.
The award ceremony of the teams and athletes took place in the evening.
In the team ranking, VMMP finished first, IMPP – second and PJSC UMCC – third. The teams were awarded cups, diplomas and money prizes.