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PJSC UMCC to provide incentives for highly skilled specialists
PJSC UMCC to provide incentives for highly skilled specialists


Starting from September 1, the specialists holding high skill categories of the working professions at Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant will receive additional incentive in the form of a bonus for the intensity of labor, according to a decision approved by the Board of Directors of PJSC UMCC during the latest visiting session, which was held at the VMMP on August 18.
The proposal on the consideration of this incentive by the board was submitted by the administration of the subsidiary. The decision was preceded by preliminary calculations and a study of the proposals of the heads of structural divisions that will receive aforementioned incentives. After all, they are the ones that nominate candidates for receiving bonuses.
The incentives will be paid to specialists of the 5-6th categories or higher, who can, if necessary, replace other specialists and are more responsible and valuable employees of the core production.
The company will set a bonus for labor intensity for such employees at up to 25% of the salary rate or the base tariff rate monthly for the next six month – until March 2018. The total percent of bonuses for such specialists should not exceed 50% of the salary rate or the monthly base tariff rate.
140 employees of different professions will receive bonuses for the intensity of labor. The company's costs for payment of bonuses to such employees will amount to nearly UAH 1 mn, specifically UAH 840,000.
“We believe it is fair to provide incentive to the employees with high skill category, who continuously work on improving their level of skill, remaining loyal to the company. These responsible, conscientious and, by all means, valuable employees much receive additional incentive, so they can be motivated to achieve more in the future,” comments PJSC UMCC Acting Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Hladushko.
The company thus tries to retain the most valuable and professional workers on its core production in conditions of high employee turnover in Ukraine in general.
“If this incentive proves to be a good incentive to retain such employees at the production, the board will consider the possibility of providing such incentives on a permanent basis,” says Hladushko.
The employees of working professions of PJSC UMCC subsidiaries often travel to the neighboring European countries in hopes of earning more and some of them return to the plants. However, the company does not always have a possibility to employ such workers after their return.
That is why in order to influence the staff migration trend, the board has decided to find ways to slow down this inevitable process. For all the known reasons, Ukrainian state enterprises cannot compete with private Western employers, but certain incentives for some workers, as UMCC hopes, will help slow down labor migration.
Not every worker will choose to be away from his family and deprivations in a foreign country for the sake of risky gains. The company is prepared to help such specialists stay loyal to their plant and dedicated to the business they gave their best working years of life to.